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Jul 13, 2012 01:20 PM

One year anniversary in Savannah GA (looking for thing to do and LOCAL places to eat)

My wife and I are going to the Kehoe house in Savannah, GA for our one year in Feb, I would like to experience Savannah as a local not a tourist. Any one out there have any suggestions on things to do and places to eat. We LOVE a nice coffee house. Italian & sea food. we absolutely love hole in the wall kinda places. so any suggestion are greatly appreciated

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  1. Be aware that this site is only about food...any others discussions are not allowed and will be deleted.

    I love Cafe Garibaldi...try the crispy flounder and the risotto cake app.

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      With that said just ignore the "places to go" part and just suggest places to eat.

      thank you for the warning

    2. Here is a list of places we enjoy.

      Noble Fare
      Olde Pink House
      Crystal Beer Parlor

      Second carolinadawg's recommendation for the flounder at Garibaldi, one of my all time favorite dishes.