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Help me make a dessert with mangos and coconut!

I want to make a dessert for my family vacation with fresh mangoes and coconut in some form- shredded, milk, cream. It needs to be inexpensive, fairly simple and serve 15. I'm having thai steak salad and ginger, garlic seasoned jasmine rice for dinner so trying to stick with an Asian theme. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I read someplace about a Thai dessert made with rice, mango and coconut. Search around and you should be able to find it without a lot of trouble.

    1. Since you are planning on serving jasmine rice w/dinner. I wouldn't recommend another rice dish for dessert. But mango pudding with shredded coconut would be refreshing. Or mango sorbet with coconut. Or just serve fresh mango slices with a coconut cream dressing. Simple!

      1. I don't have any recipes myself, but I found a few.

        If you have an ice cream maker, here's a recipe for Mango Coconut ice cream. It's nice because you can make it ahead of time, like the day before.


        If you don't have an ice cream maker, this recipe for mango sorbet with a coconut cream slush topping sounds delicious.


        Otherwise, HillJ's suggestion sounds great too. Mango slices with coconut whipped cream sounds heavenly, perhaps with some toasted shredded coconut sprinkled on top, too.

        A recipe for coconut whipped cream:

        1. Coconut panna cotta with sliced mangos and/or mango sauce, maybe served with a coconut shortbread or tuiile

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            Along these lines but do Chinese jelly instead and use mangos:


            Love the cookie idea, maybe an almond cookie?

          2. You can bake sandwich cookies. Make mango jam and put it in between two flat coconut macaroons.

            1. I 'd make a bread pudding using coconut milk and mixing in the mangoes. fruited bread puddings are wonderful.

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                Magiesmom- do you have a recipe for the bread pudding?

              2. I recently made a coconut rum trifle with fresh mango. Pound cake, rum, mango, coconut custard. Recipe Is google able.

                1. Coconut rice pudding with sliced mango and a mango curd. Coconut Tres Leche cake with mango curd or mango frosting and cubed mango. The thai dish is just glutinous rice served with sliced mango and coconut milk. Delicious, though.

                  1. Here is a coconut lime semifreddo topped with mangoes. It is delicious.

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                      This might be the ticket, doesn't sound too difficult or time-consuming.

                    2. You can make tapioca with coconut milk, probably add some shredded coconut. Top with fruit sherbet balls and sliced mango. Go for glory. Sprinkle with five spice.

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                        That's what I was going to suggest. I used to make this a lot. It's easy and tasty.

                      2. i don't have anything to contribute except that when I read the title of your post I started salivating at the thought.

                        1. There is a frozen dessert in the Pichet Ong book called The Sweet Spot. It is super easy and I think really good. It has coconut milk, toasted shredded unsweetened coconut, a small amount of cream, a small amount of sugar and a little vanilla. I make it in ramekins. (The book makes it in pops.) I think it's really good. If you added some diced mango, you'd be there. Or a mango sauce.

                          Let me know if you want proportions.

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                            The Sweet Spot is my fav dessert book of all time! Love his inspirations. You can go wrong with Pichet.

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                              karykat- could you make the dessert in one large pan? 15 ramekins is not feasible.

                              I didn't mention but I'm not at my home but at a vacation home so I need to take whatever equipment I will need.

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                                Absolutely, worktime. You can make it in one large pan and serve it individually. I do that all the time with cold desserts.

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                                  Sure you could. No reason why not.

                                  You wouldn't need any equipment. It calls for a small amount of whipped cream but you could put that in unwhipped easily too.

                                  I'll post the proportions later tonight.

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                                    Here are the proportions for the coconut pops.

                                    2 2/2 cups unsweetened coconut milk (22 ounces)

                                    1/2 cup sugar

                                    1/4 tsp salt

                                    2 tsp vanilla extract

                                    1/4 c whipping cream

                                    1/4 c shredded unsweetened coconut,toasted

                                    Put the coconut milk, sugar and salt in a medium saucepan and warm, stirring, just til sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and cool completely.

                                    Whip the cream til stiff. Add half of the whipped cream to the coconut milk mixture and stir till well blended. Gently fold in the rest of the whipped cream and the toasted coconut. Put in molds and freeze till hard.

                                    I think you were talking about sweetened coconut rather than unsweetened? If so, I would put in less sugar to keep it from being too sweet.

                                    I also don't think it's important to whip the cream. It's hard to whip an amount of cream that small and I don't think you really need to.

                                    This makes 8 popsicles. You could just double or triple it to fit the pan you're freezing in. (I think it's figuring on kind of small popsicles, so if you're freezing in one large pan instead, I think I'd count on somewhat more per person.) And throw in some mango too if you want!

                            2. Puree mangue and grated cocunut, add to vanilla greek yogurt,freeze and spoon out as ice cream.

                              1. Mango with Coconut Milk Sticky Rice

                                We eat this at a Thai restaurant in town. It is wonderful

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                                  Sticky Rice is my new favorite dessert. I think the palm sugar syrup makes a difference.

                                  If you've never tried it you might be able to order one from your local chinese restaurant.

                                2. I have served mango sorbet and coconut ice cream together. It takes like a tropical creamsicle. Diced pineapple might be a consideration on top.

                                  Or you could make coconut ice cream and serve with diced mango macerated with a little sugar and lime juice.

                                  1. Deep fried mango fritters dusted with shredded coconut.