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Jul 13, 2012 12:17 PM

PBS Celebration for Julia Child's 100th Birthday

Anyone else see this announced this week?


I wonder if enough people still remember and appreciate Julia for this to work. Do those old episodes still hold up?

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  1. I remember when I used to live near Boston. One day we went to Whole Foods.. and my wife said, "Look, there's Julia Child." I replied that no way that was Julia Child.. but, my wife was right. Shame I didn't ask for an autograph.. but what was she going to sign? A butternut squash? (We were in the produce section at the time).

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      I was in the Food Emporium across the street from my Manhattan apartment and heard an unmistakable voice the next aisle over say, “No. Don’t try to economize on the cheap brand. It just doesn’t work as well as Saran Wrap.” I left my cart and ran to the next aisle and sure enough, there she was, with what I assumed to be an assistant from the nearby PBS studios, filling a shopping cart. I didn’t have the guts to ask for an autograph either. But I bought no plastic wrap other than Saran for decades after.

    2. Thanks for the info!

      I believe there are enough people who appreciate Julia Child and they will teach the next generation to appreciate her too.

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        If nothing else, the young crowd was introduced to her via the Julie & Julia movie. I was lucky enough to grow up watching Julia on TV.

      2. I suspect that "celebration" will trot out some of the older programming, like the special that marked her 90th birthday. It would be nice if PBS reran some of the older series in their entirety.
        In the Boston area, we get occasional French Chef repeats, going back to the earliest shows, but mainly reruns of the Baking with Julia and the Julia & Jacques series. They are both very valuable but it's too bad that none of the others appear. Especially in the old black&white FC
        shows, it's nice to see that the pots and pans show that they are often used, in contrast to the showy new stuff that seems to be replaced for every segment on today's cooking shows. As for how they hold up - to tell the truth, she's a bit lacking in the dexterity department. Especially the knife skills, which are far from exemplary. Keep in mind that she did not learn to cook until she was entering middle age, and didn't have the advantage of being able to watch videos with expert demonstrations. The dark green stoneware dinnerware used on the FC is really clunky and ugly, making the food look less appetizing than it must have been.