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Jul 13, 2012 11:48 AM


Help! I've fallen into a rut and I can't get out.
I have been going to the same little taqueria for migas and coffee for the last several months. Lately when we walk in, the waitresses automatically pour our drinks and just ask "The Usual?" as they drop them off at the table. It's nice, it's comfortable, but it's not expanding my horizons. Plus, the tortillas are not "hecho a mano" but instead reheated from the bag.

I like my migas as a plate, not individual migas tacos. I like a high ratio lot of corn chips to eggs with a fresh pico and topped with lots of cheese. Who has the best migas in town, especially if served with handmade tortillas?

Taqueria Arandas on East 7th does their migas right if I substitute bacon for the "ham", but the tortillas are bagged.

I love La Fruta Feliz, but their migas aren't my style. The handmade tortillas are wonderful, but the chips were overpowered by too much egg, and they don't top their migas with cheese.

Eastside Cafe loses out by using bell peppers instead of jalapenos.

Tamale House uses Velveeta and bagged tortillas - it's just not what I'm craving.

Taco-Mex on Manor has great migas if I add cheese, but only as an individual taco in a reheated tortilla, not a plate.

Where should I go next? Where would you send a friend for the best migas in town?

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  1. Not to be offensive, but you seem to have a very specific migas dish in mind. Have you thought about making you own so you can get them just right?

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      No offense at all. Yes, I sometimes make my own, but I don't make scratch tortillas. Besides I enjoy eating out.
      I know that this is a pretty specific breakfast - I sometimes get on a kick (a couple of years back it was "Popeye" omelets with spinach).
      I didn't realize until the last year or so that migas are such a regional dish. Given that I'm living in the region, I want to find the standard bearer for the dish, and I'm hoping to find it on handmade tortillas.

    2. I always enjoy the migas with chorizo at Enchiladas y Mas. I don't usually add the cheese so I don't know how much you get. Might be worth a shot if you are in the neighborhood.

      1. I adore the migas with chorizo and cheese at El Meson on Burleson. Please note that the one on Lamar does it totally different (and not nearly as delicious IMHO).

        1. I'm pretty partial to the chori-migas at Habanero on Oltorf clost to S. 1st.

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          1. re: weegums

            Tastes are pretty particular here, I suppose. I second Habanero. I find El Meson very pleasant on a weekend morning, and the migas are pretty good. I like Joe's Bakery.

            But I like them almost everywhere.

            1. re: frankcross

              Absent Las Manitas, Habanero is about as good as anyplace.

          2. I'm partial to the Mi Madres version because the eggs are scrambled not just broken, the corn chip ratio to egg is high, and there are onions, light tomato, shredded cheese (I think it's a blend of basic yellow and cheddar), and diced fresh jalapeƱo. I ask for their pureed green pepper sauce on the side for a nicely hot kick and dot them with green and red salsa (nicely garlic-laden). No pico that I know of there, but they are my favorite in town so far. I realize one of Mi Madre's big limitations is the small griddle / stove and that runs down their fajitas and some other offerings to below par. But their migas, guisada, and sausage omelet (not on menu, but house made sausage is uniquely spiced and great) are worthy explanations for their long standing huge success.