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Jul 13, 2012 11:47 AM

Best Pizza near Chalfont and New Britain?

Going to a friends house in Lansdale, and driving through Doylestown, New Britain and Chalfont AND need to pick up pizza along the way. Any recomedations?

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  1. In Doylestown, Jules Thin Crust. The pizza cools quickly, but follow the reheating directions on the box and it turns out really well.

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    1. re: lsmutko

      I like Jules Thin Crust, (had lunch there earlier this week.) However, it is not your traditional pizza. It is more like flat bread made with fresh ingredients. For example I had a wonderful slice with Zucchini squash blossom and fresh ricotta.

      For the straight pie, I would go to Italian Delight on Veterans lane. Bacco's in Doylestown does a coal fired pizza that is not bad. . In Ivyland Tony's place makes a good tomato pie. They are the same owners as the Tony's on Frankfurt ave in Philadelphia.

      Other than that it is a pizza desert in Central Bucks. Candlewyck used to have good tomato pie and mini pies but the guy who made them is no longer there, and the pies have gone down hill considerably.

      1. re: cwdonald

        I know all about Jules. I think I would rather the traditional route. Might go to Montgomery Pizza in North Wales.