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Jul 13, 2012 11:35 AM

One dinner, one lunch in NOLA

My family is staying one night in NOLA at the end of July. My husband and I have visited NOLA several times years back and I am aware of most of the current top restaurants. I want my daughters -- ages 15, 13, and 11 and all pretty adventurous eaters -- to experience top-notch meals in NOLA while there. By this, I don't necessarily mean the fanciest restaurants, just the best expression of NOLA local cuisine. One daughter is gluten-free and loves seafood. We are staying in the Warehouse District and have a car. Suggestions please! Tried and true, or something new?

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  1. If you only have a one time chance to set the bar- lunch at Commander's Palace is my vote. There are so many unbelievable options in the summer for lunch but CP is NOLA and you get to compare it to all of your future ventures.

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      Thank you for this suggestion. I will try to get in for one of our 2meals!

    2. I will go in another direction. For the "ultimate expression of NOLA cuisine, and dining," I would opt for Galatoire's. As there is not difference, beyond the ambiance of downstairs, and the line, I would probably get reservations for upstairs. The young ladies will enjoy the "pomp," and being able to dress up a bit.

      I think that I was about 6, when I first got to experience Galatoire's, and enjoyed it greatly. We also often did Antoine's, but have not dined there, post-K, though I now hear great things. At one time, Galatoire's and Antoine's were rather "neck-in-neck," but then, Antoine's rather slipped. Still, I have have fond memories of both, and that is after about 60 years! Until I get the opportunity to do the "new, and revitalized Antoine's," I cannot recommend them - yet.

      CP's can be very good, but they managed to let me down, and big-time. They are a lovely venue, and the food is still pretty good, but much of their earlier "spirit" has been missing on our last several visits. Maybe you can hit them on a "good night?"



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        Thanks Hunt -- sounds like a great place to take them or a memorable meal.

      2. I think if you are looking for a good interpretation of New Orleans food in a fun atmosphere that kids your age would enjoy, you should try Jacques Imos for dinner. But, they close for a few weeks in the summer, so call and make sure they are open. If you want the no-frills version of similar food, try their lunch spot Crabby Jack’s.

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          Thanks -- I've seen some mentions of Jacques Imo so will check it out. The suggestions have been thoughtful & appreciated.