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Jul 13, 2012 11:34 AM

Corner Bakery Cafe now open in Round Rock

They opened about a week ago at Hwy 620 exit in a strip center where Sprouts and Freddies Custard are located. I ate at the CBC in the old Fresh Choice location and I liked it. Staff was super friendly. Order at counter and they bring you your order. Fix your own drinks at coffee/fountain area. Nice goodies in a glass pastry case. Portions were small, but I need to cut back anyway. They are also open for breakfast. So this is good place to grab bkfst and then walk over to Sprouts to shop for veggies and more.

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  1. i live in round rock and like the cbc and they gave me big portions and tasty food when ive been there,the desserts and breakfest make it a very good option and finally rr has a decent place to eat for breakfest other than cafe java.

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      Juarez Bakery has a pretty good breakfast set up. I like the food and pastries there.

    2. Went there for the first time today. How is it NOT a crappy version of Panera Bread? The bread was stale and my husbands Rueben was probably the smallest I've ever seen. I wasn't impressed. Maybe they were just having an off day.

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        every time i went they gave ample portions of fresh food,panera bread is great for lunch too.