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Jul 13, 2012 10:55 AM

Wine Based Spirits?

Hi all! I own a small mexican restaurant and we have a beer and wine license. I have been wanting to serve margaritas for a while, but didn't want to spend the money to get a hard liquor license. Recently, I heard about places serving liquor flavored wines or wine based liquors that are legal with beer and wine license. Does anyone know more about this? Or even better, could you recommend a distributor so I can finally get started with the margaritas!

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  1. Regulations vary by state so it depends on the particular regulations in your state. In California, you can serve the Korean low alcohol neutral spirit Soju with a beer an wine license and many such establishments use soju to make mixed drinks. Soju, though, is more akin to vodka and soju margaritas are pretty bad.

    1. I live in the San Jose,CA area, many of my local Mexican restaurants serve Margaritas made with white wine.

      1. I think I can help! What you are referring to is actually an orange based wine that is flavored like various spirits. I work at a winery/distillery that does exactly what you are looking for. Our liquor-type wines are 17% alcohol by volume, which is the highest percentage acceptable for beer and wine licenses. We will work with all of our customers to come up with a customized and unique recipe for cocktails using our products. We also help with labeling and branding. We distribute to all types of restaurants, and customers can never tell the difference between our product and hard liquor. In fact, a local Greek place called Niko Niko's uses our tequila for their margaritas and they were recently voted the best Strawberry margaritas in Houston. Sku is right though, the regulations do vary by state. However, we are located in Texas and can distribute to most of the continental states. Our website is if you'd like some more info!