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Jul 13, 2012 10:54 AM

Florence Monday Anniversary Dinner?

Looking for a great restaurant that's a special occasion spot for my first wedding anniversary dinner...We'll be in Florence and it's a Monday. I understand that a lot of places aren't open! Any suggestions? Thank you very much!


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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    For creative there is Osteria Personale.

    Santo Bevitore is more traditional, but ask for the back room, since it's more romantic.

    Ora d'Aria is very creative, and definitely special occasion. Ask for a table upstairs so you have a view of the kitchen.

    All of these are open on Monday for dinner.
    One more idea is Sesto en Arno, the new restaurant on top of the Westin Excelsior. I haven't been there to eat, but have had cocktails. The location is amazing, a glassed in rooftop with breath taking views.

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      Thanks, Elizabeth! Downloaded your Florence food app and have enjoyed going through all te places you love. Can you possibly offer a few more more traditional cuisine places? But yet that still have the "WOW" factor...? That hotel restaurant seemed really good, so that might be a viable option, but just wanted to have a few more places to look up! Thanks so much!