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Saturn Cafe - vegetarian diner in Berkeley

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Finally tried this place and thought I would pass on my notes here.

Saturn Cafe is not vegan (I prefer vegan places), but they do mark vegan dishes with a "V", on their menu. They can also "veganize" a number of other dishes and those are marked with a "VR". I was there for a late breakfast so I tried out a few items from the breakfast menu.

I tried the vegan breakfast burrito which features soy chorizo, scrambled tofu, crispy hash browns, with sides of guac, salsa, and this tofu sour cream. I actually liked this a lot. It was hot and fresh, and griddled just right for me. I would have liked more scrambled tofu, but I always say that.

I had the pancakes, both the banana walnut and plain ones. You get real maple syrup with your order. That said, I'm not a fan of their pancakes. They're tough from overmixing. I like Herbivore's version better because they're fluffier and more tender. That said, I like my homemade ones best of all because I make them fluffy and light by making a thick batter that I mix just right and I also let the batter rest before I start cooking. I also only like whole wheat pancakes and Saturn Cafe's pancakes are white flour.

I had the (vegan) blueberry pie. I never get to eat pie anymore, now that I"m no longer cheating on my vegan diet, but this was great. Really good. I loved me this pie. I heard the apple is not as good, but I wouldn't mind trying that one too, just to see. They use a short, almost graham-cracker-like crust which grew on me as I ate it. The filling was not too thickened and featured blueberry goodness, just as it should. They don't do a good job warming up your slice though, so next time I will take it home and warm it myself.

Their milkshakes look really good and you can get additions like peanut butter and cookie crumbles. If I had been with a few people, I would have gotten one and split it amongst ourselves. They're big. I like really thick milkshakes though and I recall the old days when Barney's made really thick Oreo milkshakes. I thought they were magnificent. Saturn Cafes milkshakes looked a little thinner, but since I didn't try it, I can't say for certain.

They had a really good looking egg breakfast sandwich. Some would say it could be improved with a slice of ham. Some may be right, but it still looked pretty righteous.

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  1. www.saturncafe.com/

    2175 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94704
    (510) 845-8505

      1. I've gotten their club sandwich a few times. It's got fake chicken and fake bacon. 2/3rds the time, when they toast the bread right, it's as good a dish if not better than a real meat club sandwich at a dIner. One great thing about this place is that they're open till midnight, making it the only late-night diner in Berkeley.

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          Rudy's Can't Fail is open until 1am. Over the border in Emeryville.