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Jul 13, 2012 10:00 AM

Food Trailer Venue Once a Month at Long Center

The Austin Business Journal just posted an article stating that beginning Tuesday, July 31, 2012 they will have 10 food trailers parked in the terrace fronting the Long Center thru November. They will also have music and family friendly entertainment.

Trucks confirmed for July 31st are The Peached Tortilla, Yume Burger, The Seedling Truck, Dock & Roll, Chi'lantro, The Flying Carpet, Be More Pacific, Coolhaus, Hey Cupcake and The Evil Wiener.


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  1. Nice. There is some great food to be had in this group of trucks, and putting them together in one beautiful location is a fantastic idea.

    1. I see an America where one day there will be so many food trucks with such a variety of food, that all the fast food dumps will go out of business. People will be skinny, healthy and happy and live longer. Our highways will not be congested with ugly signs and acres and acres of concrete will be dug up and replaced witih vegetable, fruit and flower gardens.

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      1. re: singlemalt

        Just saw their nice Facebook page called Trailer Food Tuesdays

        1. If any town can sustain this food truck explosion it's Austin, but the lightweights will be culled from the trophy fish in short order. I wonder who among the 1300+ will survive and thrive?

          1. Yume has a killer hot dog I highly recommend it.

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            1. Bump...has anyone been to this? What's it like?
              I'm scarred for life from attending Gypsy, so I was wondering if it was the same.

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                I've been twice. Lines can get long, especially for the more popular trailers, but I've always enjoyed it. It feels very Austin-y.

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                  Ive been twice as some people I went to culinary school with have a truck that participates. Had a really good time (they sell alcohol ;) )

                  1. re: NWLarry

                    I've been once, and I wasn't that impressed. The biggest problem with it for me is that the trailers do not have their full normal menu. They have a limited menu just for this event made up of 3-4 items or so. One of the trailers I specifically went there to try, didn't have any of the items available that I was actually interested in trying.

                    I understand they have to do something to quickly service the crowds, but I'd rather just visit these trailers on a normal day in their normal spot so I can try the dishes I'm interested in.