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Jul 13, 2012 10:00 AM

Stuff as good as Xian, Mission Chinese, Zaab Elee - - lower east side, soho, chinatown

Hello Everyone,
Making a quick one day trip down to nyc and may have time to pick up something quick and good (even for takeout - love to walk and eat). I have been to the above already and am looking for great quick bites. Anything you think of that is not to miss in those areas these days would be great. I want asian food because I am from miami and we are sorely lacking in that area. Thanks.

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  1. Ga nuong Vientnamese style chicken from BaoBQ or maybe the wings at Pok Pok or some of the bao from Baohaus on 14th St... There are a ton of Chinatown threads.

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      Hi Silverjay,
      Thanks for the suggestions. There are so many recs within the CT threads that it makes it hard to narrow down for me, which is why I offered up the 3 above restaurants as a baseline.

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          What did you like there? Early CH reports seem mixed. Non CH'ers that I have spoken to thought the food uninteresting and bland.

        2. Outside of Chinatown: Hot Kitchen

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            Thanks Peter and Leah. Don't be afraid to offer suggestions in chinatown either. I should have also included the east village.

          2. Want not try this? Perhaps not readily available in Miami…

            Stop in for a snack at one of the oldest coffee shops in New York – Mei Li Wah. It dates from the late 19th century and was started by two Cantonese bachelor brothers at a time (read Chinese Exclusion Act) when the ratio of Chinese females to Chinese males in Chinatown was 1:27.

            Mei Li Wah:

            Then on to one of the Hand-Pulled Noodle houses. My favorite is Food Sing 88 Corp at 2 East Broadway, off Chatham Square.


            There are at least six of these joints, all run by immigrants from Fujian province:


            Then swing back and get desert. There’s always room for Ginger Ice Cream or Lychee Sorbet
            at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!

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              I'm with that concept and agree with your dessert views. I was going to go to dominiqe ansel as well and the ice cream would serve as a great pallet cleanser. We are lousy at french pastries in miami too unfortunately.

              I have been to Mei Li Wah before, besides the pork bun and coconut bun, any favorites?

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                Milk tea and perhaps a dim sum item or two...

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                  If by milk tea you mean 港式奶茶, not just tea with milk, they don't make it. Otherwise, Wei Li Wah has been my favorite small dim sum/Chinese breakfast place for years.