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Jul 13, 2012 09:50 AM

Where can I buy a good quality rack of lamb for a good price?


Where can I buy good quality rack of lamb for a good price? I used to get it at Costco, but I don't belong anymore. Then I got it at Super King, but the one in Glendale says they don't carry it anymore.

I don't mind paying for quality, but the price at Gelson's was ridiculous. I live in Echo Park, but I'll travel any meat market.


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  1. Not TJ's. I thought it was very, very bland.

    1. i buy the TJ rack of lamb all the time. I never serve it as a rack, but cut it into chops. I think it has great flavor.

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      1. re: FED

        funny how we could reach entirely different conclusions based on the same product.

        if you're buying chops anyway i got some great pre-marinated chops @ farmers ranch market in Sherman Oaks. 9.99/lb.

        1. re: ns1

          Farmer's Ranch Market in Sherman Oaks?
          Where the .... is it?
          but Costco is my on-going go-to for racks of lamb, yet not at $9.99 per pound.
          More like $12.99 or $13.99 per pound, and from down under.

          1. re: carter

            Farmer's Ranch Market is actually in Van Nuys. West side of Sepulveda about half a block south of Sherman Way. It's a very interesting place with a strong ethnic leaning toward the Middle East. Large bins of cheap produce and both Halal and Kosher meats. Interesting variety of imported goods, too. Oddly, they're closed on Sunday.

            1. re: Bob Brooks

              sorry, this is correct.

              close enough to sherman oaks for me lol

          2. re: ns1

            yeah, i've had really mixed results with tj meats in general. i don't think i've ever been sold anything worse than those "italian sausages" they used to get from niman ... the texture of hot dogs. and their marinated tri-tip is just awful. but the plain rack, unseasoned, from new zealand, is really good lamb. the other good thing they have in that section is the "natural" (not "organic") chicken.

            1. re: FED

              the TJ's applewood smoked bacon, however, is some sort of godly.

        2. Fresh & Easy market(s)

          1. The frozen rack at TJs is pretty good value, especially if you defrost carefully. I'd advise washing off the coating because it is too strong. It will still be well seasoned. The fresh racks are less tasty.

            1. Von's delivery menu has rack of lamb on sale on a regular basis for $12.99 a pound and they are delicious - we cut one in half so that we have two baby chops each - very tasty. However regular price is $17.99 which is not so tasty!