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Jul 13, 2012 09:38 AM

Great Mexican

Our 23 yr. old just moved to Gilbert..doesn't seem to be known for great restaurants. Any ideas for GREAT mexican within 15 minutes? I'm treating for him and his girlfriend. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. Serrano's used to be pretty good, locally owned family 8 store chain. Locations in Gilbert, Chandler Mesa etc. straight up Sonoran food.

    Cantina Laredo at the San Tan mall if you don't mind national chains.

    1. Our new favorite Mexican restaurant in the Gilbert/Mesa area is Casa Ramos in Mesa. It is a family run restaurant located on 1526 E. Main St. Very good food with reasonable prices and the chips, salsa and margarita's are delicious!

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        Rancho De Tia Rosa is good. There's one in Gilbert and one in Mesa.

        I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Serranos... Maybe it "Used to be pretty good" but it isn't anymore... Been a few times to a few of the locations over the past couple years and we always leave saying to ourselves that we'll never go back.

        Thanks for the Casa Ramos suggestion, haven't been and need to check it out.

      2. Los Dos Molinos
        It's more New Mexican than Mexican. But, holy's GOOD!

        1. Si Senor on Alma School is pretty good, and Rosa's Mexican Grill is in the hood in Mesa but they've got solid food. There's El Zocalo in downtown Chandler, and Elmer's Tacos too.

          1. Yes Gilbert is known for having the worst restaurants. Lulu's. Tacos is the only decent mex we've found there.