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Jul 13, 2012 08:54 AM

Boston - Thoughts on two lunches and one dinner

I have a quick visit into Boston after renting a house in Provincetown for a week with friends. So, our ferry gets back on a Sunday at 10 am., we will check into the Hotel Nine Zero, then head out for lunch and afternoon shopping.

So, for lunch, somewhere on Newburry Street or something in the South End before we shop. Thoughts on lunch at B&G Oyster vs. The Butcher Shop vs. Coppa. Any other great ideas?

Then for dinner I wanted to North End Italian. I know there are plenty of debates, but I am specifically deciding between Mamma Maria vs. Prezza vs. Carmen. Thoughts?

Then I have lunch on Monday before we head to the airport. We will likely stay near the hotel and wander around Boston Common, Quincy Market, Freedom Trail area. Great low-key lunch spots around there? Maybe something gastro-pubby?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. I would go to Neptune Oyster and Silvertone for lunch and Hamersely's for dinner. I live in the North End. I would avoid Mamma Maria on a weekend night (failed to honor my most recent reservation) and think Prezza is the best option of the three listed (it also has a very good wine list). If you go to Prezza for dinner, get a pre or post dinner drink on the Fiore roof deck (don't eat there).

    1. Aquitaine- handsome room, great service, french bistro- for one of your lunches. The duck confit sdwch, terrific thin in-house fries w/aioli ,are our favs there. Neptune Oyster in the No End off the Greenway is a CH fav and super for both inventive and trad seafood; many threads.Prezza did not impress me the one time we went but is a consistently raved CH fav.

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        Big plus one for Aquataine rec. After seeing your accolades, we went for the first time last Wednesday and it was not only terrific, but an incredible bargain. We both had the lunch special, which for only $12,95 includes a choice of French Onion soup with aged Gruyere, wonderful!, or a roasted tomato bisque which was loaded with flavor. Sandwich choices included a turkey club, but we got a croque monsieur and the duck confit. Both excellent. One of us had the excellent frittes, the other a nice side salad. And to top it all off it unnecessarily comes with a beverage. Great service and a lovely room. The neighborhood is also terrific for a stroll pre or apres lunch.

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          wow, coool! Aside from dinner, I have only been for brunch(always the duck, the duck, the duck...!) but that lunch deal is really impressive. We'll go this week, so THNX! And yes, the South End is such a jewel; we're so lucky to have it as intact as it is.Really glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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          I live a few doors down from Prezza and have been there many times. It is overpriced for what it is. That being said, I have never had a bad meal or bad service there. If allowed to go beyond the orbit of the NE, I would choose Erbaluce for Italian in Boston.

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            ThNks for the feedback. Erbaluce looks great too but am thinking I wanted to dine in the north end, get a sweet after from a caffe up there etc. thanks again!

        3. Although it sounds like you are more interested in high-end eating, I felt I must recommend Regina Pizza because it was so outstanding. We were in Boston a few weeks ago and went with a recommendation for a North End Pizzeria. Pizza Regina is fairly small and crowded. People line up to get a table. The service is warm, friendly, and quick. It is the best pie I ever had. We went for the classic with the Regina sausage. Regina was recommended in 1001 place to go before you die and that book has been my guide to many a fine meal. We have eaten at Mama Maria but Pizza Regina is the meal we will remember.

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          1. mcslim just posted today, sunday, that prezza had a small fire and is closed for now, so you might want to check back on it. It certainly gets the most CH love for the No End though Mamma Maria does too, We found Prezza not esp special and way expensive, and enjoyed MM (but a long time ago.)