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Jul 13, 2012 08:53 AM

Solun in Woodbridge

Tried Solun last night. It has a tapas theme, but there are also nice main dishes. The menu looked promising. I had a mango margarita that was really delicious. They do the bread and olive oil thing at the table. The bread is fresh baked, cut soon enough, cut so we had it hot, which means the inside had a squashy quality that was quite decadent and there were thick slices of (roasted?) garlic in the bread and the crush was fantastically crispy but not too thick. You have to ask for a second slice, but they bring it right out to you.

We both had the diver scallops over spinach and chickpeas and some kind of lovely reduction thing. It was so delicious, that it was all I could do to not lick the plate.

The space is attractively laid out and is a tablecloth sort of place without being pretentious. The servers were pleasant and professional.

It took me a while to get around to trying this restaurant because the place that had been in the spot before, Stockbridge I think it was called, was so crashingly mediocre that it was offputting. Like they'd figured out all the details of what makes a restaurant good except the stuff you actually put in your mouth. That experience kind of tainted the location with a great big MEH stamp for quite a while.

Solun is nice. And it's in Woodbridge, Connecticut, of all places. I could see popping in here for a cocktail and a snack on a fairly regular basis...

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  1. Is this the place that is up on the right hand side from Antonio's on Amity - looks like it's housed in a retirement community? I could be completely wrong, I am trying to picture where it is. I am a bit of a disaster geographically, so restaurants tend to be my landmarks....

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      My wife and I drove by about 5:30 and I remartked I had read the OP on CH. The client with us in the car lives in Woodbridge recommened it for good food in an unpretentious setting