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Jul 13, 2012 08:26 AM

1 night in Vegas - Restaurant recs?

Coming to Vegas for the night on Saturday. Staying at the Mandarin Oriental. Any kind of food goes. On the strip is preferred, but willing to go somewhere near the strip too. And although less is better, we're willing to spend up to $50/person, including drinks and tips.

One of the higher end buffets maybe - any suggestions which is better? If we went the buffet route, we'd want one with fresh seafood. And I've heard good things about China Poblano and Hostein's. Maybe one of those?

Any other suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. "...up to $50/person, including drinks and tips."

    On the strip will be almost impossible. Charlie Palmers "Cut of the Week" is $48 and bottomless glass of wine but that is $60 all in.

    Lotus of Siam is off strip but one of the best Thai places in the country. Also off the strip is Raku. But even those 2 will be hard to keep below $50pp, but not impossible.

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    1. re: LVI

      $60/person is probably doable. We're a bit flexible, just looking to keep costs down a bit. Ideally, looking for places with entrees between $20-35, or high quality buffets with seafood and other good stuff.

      1. re: cincodemayo1

        That price level is certainly obtainable. Still would go LoS, Raku, and then add Sage in there (as I mentioned earlier, I think the BEST value in Vegas is the "Cut of the Week" at Charlie Palmers).

        This is just my opinion...high quality and buffet should never be used in the same sentence. There are better buffets, no question, but high quality is questionable.

        1. re: LVI

          What a great tip LVI on the Charlie Palmers 'cut of the week'..

          Agree that LOS is the best Thai on the planet and I'll be there in September for fix..bringing a cooler for take out for the menu but people do love their buffet.
          My friends rave about the Oyster Bar at Palace Station...have you been?

          Thanks again LVI

          1. re: Beach Chick

            No have not. I have heard the same thing about the Oyster Bar but I guess it's just one of those things for me I suppose...Palace Station...Oysters, it seems like it would be a recipie for disaster. BUT, you are not the first one who has mentioned that. So maybe I will have to try it when I am out there in Sept! When are you going to be there? I will be there Sept 13-17. Going to try and have a drink/bit w/another CHer at Raku. Come join!

            1. re: LVI

              I am a thirteen year resident of Las Vegas. The oyster bar at Palace Station is defiantly worth the trip. It only seat about fifteen people and tends to have a line. However, it is worth the wait.

              1. re: LVI

                Thanks for the invite LVI...I'll miss you by a couple of days. : (
                Heads up on 9/16 week, which is one of the busiest times of the year in LV...they all know its my bday but most of the wealthy Mexicans fly up and take over and the place is make reservations.
                Raku is on my list but probably not on this trip.
                My focus is LOS LOS LOS, Charlie Palmer...and a oyster bar run at Palace Station.
                Have a great time LVI and report back!

      2. Setting aside the wisdom of staying at the Mandarin Oriental but only spending $50 inclusive on dinner...I say absolutely China Poblano. Its delicious, weird, unique to Vegas, near your hotel, and will enable you to sample multiple dishes within your budget if you drink beer and avoid the higher-ticket items.

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        1. re: Omniverous

          +1 on the recommendation for China Poblano, but don't expect to be able to order with abandon - we've had two relatively modest lunches there (beer, tacos, and dim sum, no cocktails or any of the more exotic menu items) and both came to around $100 for two.

          1. re: Omniverous

            FWIW, the best deal I have gotten in Las Vegas in the last 4 years was at the Mandarin. $560 for four nights including a car. It is one of the best locations and hotels in Las Vegas so ENJOY!!! Cool lobby bar.