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Jul 13, 2012 08:14 AM

Pacific Junction Hotel (King & Sherbourne)

Walked by and noticed this place yesterday, in the space that was formerly Veritas. I believe it has the same owners as Betty's next door.

Has anyone tried it out, or does anyone have any more info?

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  1. Plan is to head over tomorrow afternoon, so I will report back. However, I did take a look at the "menus" in the window this morning. They're only displaying 4 pages of drinks at this point - various types and cocktails made only with tequila and rum, as well as a beer and wine list.

    1. Stopped in a few days ago, it's definitely an interesting place. It is definitely the same owners as Betty's. They have a few new-to-me beers on tap (served in jars instead of pint glass for unspecified reasons) and an extensive list of cocktails, most fitting the "theme" of the bar that I could only summarize as tiki-meets-texmex. The interior features lots of bare plywood, eclectic furniture, artificial grass, and a very cozy courtyard patio inherited from Veritas. Service is similar to that of Betty's, ie. casual and friendly but don't go if you're in a huge hurry or want to be fawned over.

      The food menu is unusual and was described to me as "tapas style", which seems to mean small dishes at not-so-small prices, especially considering you'd need to order multiple to make a proper meal. I tried the "poutine spring rolls" which were exactly as described: french fries and cheese in spring roll wrappers, deep fried and served with gravy for dipping. They were actually very good in a guilty-pleasure way, but at $9 for a very small plate, a bit of a pricey snack. Others were ordering the slider trio ($14) which looked good.

      I'll look forward to going back for drinks and to try some more of the food options. I really hope they do okay because the area lacks unique laid-back spots like this that aren't slick and corporate pubs.

      1. Inadvertently happened upon it on opening day..right around the corner from my office. Loved the daytime vibe (sat in the bathtub seat mentioned by another reviewer). Great drinks list. I just had a diet coke but t was served in a vintage-style coke bottle. Ordered the fish tacos and they were great! Just got back from Baja California a few weeks ago and these ones were just like the real thing I had in the Ensenada fish market. Fresh corn tortillas, delicious ling cod, a bit of lettuce, a homemade salsa and a bottle of scotch bonnet on the table - fantastic. Definitely going back to try some more but lovING the little details!!

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          Thanks for the info, I think I'll check it out in the next little while!