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Jul 13, 2012 07:49 AM

Lunch at Bathurst and Wilson?

Hi all,

I am visiting Toronto this week and will be heading up to Bathurst and Wilson for a meeting early this afternoon. Any thoughts about where I could grab a decent quick lunch in the area would be much appreciated.


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  1. Yakimoz for shawarma or kebabs. It's in a plaza on the south side of Wilson (west of Bathurst), across the street from Bagel World.

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      I tried Yakimoz and did not like it at all. I found the shwarma incredibly greasy. I work in the general area and the lunch options are not very good. For a non fast food lunch, I quite like European Restaurant at 3030 Bathurst- 1 block south of Lawrence on west side. They have very good cabbage rolls and veal paprikash (sp?) if that is something that you like.

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        I'll second Europe -- great schnitzel, too! Yakimoz changed owners a little while ago and I haven't been back to see if the food had changed.

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          Across from Yakamoz - which, as noted, is up and down - there's the already-mentioned Bagel World, which offers hearty soups, sandwiches on a fresh bagel and brusque service. Sit at the counter for even faster service than usual. If you like deli, there's Moe Pancer's, on the west side of Bathurst St. a few blocks north of Wilson. Soups, pretty good deli sandwiches, with pastrami the highlight. Good and reasonably prompt service. If the parking lot in front of the plaza is full, there's lots of extra parking in back. The aforementioned Europe is good, but definitely not quick (and quite bleak). It's better for a more leisurely dinner. I've never found Steve's, a well-known diner on Bathurst St. north of Wilson (but south of Moe Pancer's) to be up to much.

      2. If you head a bit west on Wlison to Keele, there's a strip mall at the northeast corner that has a really good Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Mi Asia.

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          Thanks all for the lay of the land!

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            Perhaps too late, but... +1 for Steve's Restaurant 1 block north of Wilson on Bathurst for Club Sandwiches (real Turkey) Breakfast (peameal, sausage) always good, standard "diner style" food!

          2. If you want to try Marky's Deli at Wilson and Bathurst you better go quickly. The rumor mill has it that Marky's is closing soon. Apparently it will subsequently become a Filipino restaurant

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              If you like fresh salad, falafel, pizza etc...try TOV LI...on Bathurst Street just south of Daiters (east side)
              and across from Baycrest Centre..a couple of blocks south of Wilson...parking in the back or on the side street...It's a busy place but I have found that if you can tolerate the noise...you'll like the fact that the food is always 'fresh', fresh, fresh! Not open on Saturdays....