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Jul 13, 2012 07:02 AM

Quick Dinner near ICA?

Any recommendations for a quick casual dinner near the ICA? My wife and I are planning to head over there on a Thursday evening, but the museum closes at 9 so I'm looking for a dinner option that will be good but not necessarily the focal point of the evening.

I'm pretty open to any type of food but I have no idea what's over there because I haven't been down that way in a long time.

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  1. If you haven't been to the Waterfront in a while be prepared for restaurant-land, especially on the other side of the World Trade. However, Sam's is close to the ICA, has a nice menu and has lots of outdoor seating. It is on top of Louis (yes, that clothing store), about a minute walk from the ICA.

    1. I frankly haven't been to either, but might Sportello or Lucky's Lounge suit your needs?

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        Sportello seems like something I would try if we were just going out for dinner. Lucky's might be an option.

        It seems like the waterfront has more fancy restaurants and not so many low-key neighborhood type places. We may be better off going out to eat down there when we're not also trying to squeeze in a museum visit.

        1. re: blink617

          I would tend to agree. With the "neighborhood" in a sort of perpetual development and still seemingly finding it's identity, it doesn't seem to have those "neighborhood-y" places [yet]. I work nearby & pass by Lucky's frequently; they would seem to be "that place" as much as anyone. In my four months on the job I've yet to pop in for a bite, but was fairly optimistic after reading their menu posted outside (i.e. more inspired selections than, say, nachos & buffalo wings). If you do go, I'd be interested in hearing how much of a "bar scene" it is there in the early p.m. (vs. parties actually visiting to dine at a table), as I typically avoid the After Work Drinks Crowd & that would be/is my "concern" about Lucky's (It's hard to tell when you walk by, as there're no windows & smokers don't seem to hang out right in front, one way or another.). My guess is that, as with any place in the Ft. Pt. area, they need that crowd to survive & it's more a matter of "How crowded?" vs. "How big is Lucky's"/"How many tables do they have?". I guess this 'hood is still more business/convention district than "real" neighborhood", and the "neighborhood-y" part seems to end right around that part of Congress St.
          Regardless, have a wonderful evening out!

          1. re: blink617

            Sportello is stools around a counter, very casual atmosphere (almost too casual for a special occasion dinner). Ask for the carbonara if you don't see it on the menu. Not a fan of Luckys personally. Sam's is a good suggestion although I have only been there before they changed chefs some months ago.

            1. re: blink617

              Lucky's is definitely an after-work-drinks crowd (when I worked on Altantic Ave I used to go there after work for drinks, in fact) and the food is better than average bar food but still bar food. It's been about six months since I was last there, but they tend to have interesting and tasty sliders and solid fries. Certainly not destination dining, but it'll usually do.