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Jul 13, 2012 06:28 AM

New England Hot Dog Buns

Any place in LA that sells New England Hot Dog Buns? Does anyone have a recipe and technique for baking New England Hot Dog Buns at home?

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    1. We use a nice wide slice of Sara Lee Potato Bread, lightly butter & grill it on one side, and fold it into a "bun".

      1. You mean split top buns right? King Hawaiians makes them and you can find them at Walmart for $2 for a 6 pack.

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        1. re: Johnny L

          They are also available at Target and at their local place location near their bakery in torrance


          Special ridged sheet pans are available for baking the buns. I believe Chef's catalog sells them and I imagine there are other sources online.

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          1. re: Criticon

            Having the choice between the pans which I own and have used with the KA recipe and going and getting the King's Hawaiian, these days I would get the Kings Hawaiian.

          2. I found the best new England hot bun right here in San Dimas Ca.And @.50 a roll you cant beat it even in Boston
            Rivanis baking Co. 909-569-2752 Pass the Word And say Cal told you. Good luck