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Jul 13, 2012 05:51 AM

Package of fajita meat leaking

I bought a package of sliced steak from freshdirect. The package seemed fine and I put it in the freezer. I defrosted yesterday in the fridge and when I picked it up today it had leaked quite a bit of raw meat juices. I always assumed these packages were air tight. The meat smelled fine. I'm not sure if it's ok to use though. And yes, I do get paranoid about food safety which is why I thought I'd see if anyone else would be bothered. It's marinating now in chilie and garlic. Thanks!

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  1. I think you should call freshdirect and ask them. MHO

    1. Packages of fresh meat from the supermarket leak. That's why the little absorbent "mattress pad" is placed between the meat and the foam or plastic tray. Defrosted beef exudes additional bloody liquid, because freezing ruptures the cell walls, so that once they thaw, they leak. Nothing unsafe about that.

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        The part that was strange was that it leaked all over my refrigerator. The bag was supposed to be vacuum sealed in some way so the liquid should not have escaped.

        1. re: Aimee

          I have meat that is supposedly vacuum-sealed leak all the time. It's annoying, but not unsafe. Use it within a couple of days as you would any raw meat.

          1. re: Aimee

            I'd worry more about the things that the meat juices leaked onto than the meat itself. It's the freezing, not the vacuum sealing that has preserved the meat till now.