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Jul 13, 2012 03:19 AM

Hawthorne later in evening options

Hi all,

Will be staying in Hawthorne on our trip to Portland, very excited about all the potential eating and drinking I plan to do (there will be another thread reviewing my ideas). But one question I need answering that is a bit more specific is an option for a later in the evening casual, but good, dinner. My friend is joining us in Portland and flight arrives around 8pm, so assuming into town by 9pm hopefully, so thinking will need a late night snack and drinks, around 9.30-10. Now to me, as an early eater, this seems late, but are there going ot be options for booking feeds at this time? Would like something PNW in flavour and also with good beer if possible, budget in and around $30-40 each, three of us dining.


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  1. Hawthorne isn't a neighborhood; it's a 4 mile long street that spans 6 neighborhoods. Can you be more specific?

    1. I have gone to the Hawthorne Hop House for food and drink twice now and I can honestly say that I am impressed. We have great beer here and a lot of places to drink it...but most of them have lousy food. HHH is raising the bar for pub food.

      HHH does a really good job with mac and cheese, salads, fish, burgers, etc. And they have a great tap list, do taster trays and have lots of OR beers on tap (and usually a kickass local cider or two as well). Full bar as well. And they have a late happy hour that runs 9pm-midnight.

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      1. re: JillO

        That sounds like it could be perfect

        Apologies for my ignorance on Hawthonre, to be more precise we will be stayiong on SE Harrison if that helps

        1. re: stanleyk

          Harrison at 10th or more like 82nd? Sorry to be a pain.
          Try Lauro on Division.

          1. re: Leonardo

            Around 32nd, near Sewalcrest Park, but happy to take a stroll/cab/bus if needs be, was just aiming to keep 'local' if possible

            1. re: stanleyk

              Five minute walk to Lauro, Vindalho, and Wafu! Whoo hoo!

            2. re: Leonardo

              Lauro Kitchen closed, thankfully, about 6 weeks ago. Just sayin'....

        2. Whiskey Soda Lounge on Division ( part of Pok Pok)

          Lucky Strike on Hawthorne,and 39th Service can suck, but food and drinks are delish