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Homemade ice cream on the Westside

Anyone know ice cream places and addresses on the Westside?

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      1. My house too. Otherwise I think you are looking for housemade or made in house?

        1. Just went last week. Saffron and Rose on Westwood Boulevard accross from where Boarders was is off the charts. Crazy good.

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            Really great place to find flavors you normally never see, but I'll be honest, some of the choices were pretty out there, and not things we'd order a second time. Still, if you want a dessert that's not overpoweringly sweet, S&R is a great discovery.

            1. re: prawn

              what chocies were out there ?

              1. re: kevin

                You can get some idea by scrolling through the Yelp photos: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/l5AhBW...

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                  There was a cucumber + ? combination we tried that I wouldn't get again, and an avocado with basil that my friend couldn't finish. Loved how some of the flavors smelled though, really refreshing on a hot day.

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                    They will let you sample any and all of their flavors. Literally. Just ask.

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                      We did just that a couple of months ago. An out-of-town guest never tried Persian anything before so we made a requisite primer visit to Shamshiri and S and R after. He was skeptical of many of the nontraditional flavors at first but after going thru the line-up, he was impressed. Saffron rosewater pistachio is what he ordered.

            2. Obvious answers are Scoops Westside and Cool Haus. Now Bulgarini is serving their gelato at Treeforest in culver city.... I don't like their gelato personally. I like the gelato at Ugo (it's the only thing I like there) in culver city also. Looking forward to trying S&R!

              1. Check out BeachyCream off of Wilshire and Euclid St. (13th), they use to be in Santa Monica Place and specialize in ice cream sandwiches. If you have a dog bring it with you, they serve doggy ice cream.

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                    Cool, and all their ingredients are organic. Their key lime cocunut ice cream sandwich is one of my faves.

                    I was not a fan of saffron or rose ice cream at the middle eastern ice cream shops in Westwood. If you are a fan of eating perfume, be my guest.

                    1. re: dominicinco

                      I dont think it's really about perfume, the ice cream just tastes damn good.

                      To each their own.

                      Does anyone else subscribe to beachy cream ?