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Jul 12, 2012 11:31 PM

Noise level comparison

I'm planning one dinner with another couple during a quick trip to LA. I think we've narrowed the choices to Mozza Pizzeria and Animal. I know these are really different food wise, but the major concern now is what the noise level is at each. My husband has hearing problems and while we want great food conversation is equally as important.

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  1. My experience is Mozza is much louder than Animal and you should be ok at Animal.

    1. Mozza is very loud (I think Osteria is even louder than Pizzeria). Animal is not quiet, but probably is less loud. I always point to Hatfields as the best restaurant for food AND conversation.

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      1. re: aching

        Thanks for the help - Animal was my first choice.

        1. re: FoodDee

          If you do go to Mozza, my preference is to sit at either of the two bars rather than in the dining area.

          1. re: aching

            The wine room at P.Mozza is separate from the main room and less loud.

            If only someone would do a comparison using an iphone decible meter...

            +1 on the Hatfield's recommendation.

            1. re: Porthos

              While Hatfields looks good I'm looking for something that I don't easily get in Seattle - Animal seems to fit that bill the most. We also don't want bar seating because the main purpose of the dinner is to be able to talk with our friends (but still get really good original food).

      2. As a woman who has been navigating the world with a severe-to-profound hearing loss for thirty years, I can SO relate. I'm not familiar with either of these places, but just wanted to point out, in case your husband hasn't noticed this, that it's much easier to hear outdoors, so if you can find a place with patio dining (that isn't right on a busy road, of course), that would be your best bet.

        1. Just wanted to throw in another nod for Animal. I've never had issues with the volume there.

          Mozza has a lot of loud spots and tight seating. Even if you can grab a seat at one of the bars, I feel neither are ideal. One bar is in front of the pizza oven... the kitchen isn't very noisy, but that bar is close to the middle of the room. The other bar (actual bar) has a few good seats in the middle, but there is about a 50% chance you end up sitting either next to the bathroom or by the entrance where a lot of people stand around and wait for their seats (and you may catch a draft when the door opens).