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Jul 12, 2012 09:30 PM

Easley, SC

Sort of a culinary wasteland, but there's a bit nicer fair and much more variety in Greenville, just a short drive away. Does anyone have any thoughts on The Starving Artist Cafe in Easley? Can't quite figure that place out...

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  1. Don't know about that, but the funeral home there now has a Starbucks inside.

    1. SAC is your typical lunch spot for middle age upper middle class women who don't work.Very much on the prissy side.They do however offer Edible Upcountry magazine.I try to slip in and out without being seen.

      You might give Bella Vita a try,a boutique Italian spot only open for dinner.Otherwise,stay in Greenville!

      1. We eat there a fair menu on Thurs-Fri Sat night.....good deserts and good breakfast and lunch. Again, there are only 7-8 things for dinner. Avoid the shrimp and grits. Good, inexpensive wine.

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          Huh,I thought I'd been there since the name change. maybe not! I had no idea they even served wine.I was under the impression they were mostly a coffee shop.

          1. re: mollybelle

            We had dinner at the SAC tonight.Our experience was pretty positive considering it is Easley after all.The folks that own this place are caterers and the food is good "caterer" food.I can live with that.The setting is pleasant ,if a little feminine.The prices were very reasonable.We will go back.

            The running joke around town is that this place is the "in" spot for the local Presbyterians.We did see a whole bunch of Presbyterians there tonight! LOL

            1. re: mollybelle

              I forgot to mention that we had a nice experience at The Red Minnow in Central recently,not in Easley but an easy drive,and something different from Greenville.

              1. re: mollybelle

                what is the Red Minnow? Do you know if they serve lunch? thanks.

                1. re: danna

                  According to their Facebook page, they are only open for dinner, Tuesday - Saturday.


        2. I have been meaning to go but I forget. I am a big fan of La Finca and will normally head there.