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Jul 12, 2012 08:48 PM

Galatoire's --- Has the food quality changed at all...

since the changerover in chef or ownership a few years ago.

And what would you currently recommend to get there?

and how far in advance is it necessary to wait on-line for a table or should i just pay some one to wait in line for me (i heard that's the practice that some do) for the friday lunches? and are the other days besides the infamous friday baccanilia and debauchery still good to have lunch there ????

thanks a bunch.

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  1. Kevin,

    Lot of questions.

    Since the changeover, the food was still very good, and well worth the time and $'s.

    The time for the "wait," is totally predicated on the night. If it is just locals, then 30 mins. is OK, but if a lot of folk are in town, and also want to do Galatoire's, the 1.5 hours is probably closer to the wait.

    As far as what to order, I would always recommend that one discuss that with their server, and then, go with their recs. They know what is good, and what is fresh. Unlike some, I do not have any particular server to rely on, but have never been steered wrong. Also, if you are a bit later in the service, your server will know what the earlier reviews are, and can direct you.

    Good luck, and enjoy!


    1. I advise lunch any day BUT Froday; makes no difference, really. As to teh "Chef" for years all we had were "cooks" and when people started chef worshipping, the family went ahead and designated the longtime master, Milton, a Chef. Now we havea CHef because people think there ought to be one but the recipes are tried and true and within the ability of a talented line cook. You can make most of them at home and that is one reason we like them. The Chef gets to play on occasions such as wine dinners, a special, or the in-and-out lunch they now offer on TUes-Wed-Thurs.

      Don't bother paying someone..just go at 2:00 or 3:00. Crabmeat sardou, shrimp remoulade, Godchaux Salad, trout meuniere, pompano--IF they are decent sized--soft shell crab, sweetbreads (which they had on the menu when "Adventurous Foodies" were discovering them elsewhere) Galatoire's Goute which is a combo plater of oysters en brochette, remoulade and crab sometimes crawfish) maison, Crabmeat Canape Lorenzo. THat ought to get you started.

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        As always, you bring up a great point. Some restaurants are driven by their chefs, while others are driven by their tradition, and an accomplished cook can recreate those.

        It is all about what the restaurant is trying to do. This is not meant to diss chefs, like John Besh, Michael Mina, Kevin Taylor, Daniel Boulud or Thomas Keller. They are busy "creating," and that cannot be discounted. At Galatoire's, and several similar restaurants, the "creation" was done decades, or maybe even centuries ago. Cooking is what it is all about, along with the service.

        Great points, and too often overlooked, in our "chef-driven culinary culture."


        1. re: hazelhurst

          thanks. Sorry I didn't really mean the chef in the vernacular sense, just meant that overall I thought there was maybe a change of the whole ownership and that certain gestalt may have been missing.

          is it worth to go through all that work for a friday lunch there?

          thanks for the recs it sounds really really really good, and ti's the type of creole food along with the atmosphere that i can't seem to get anywhere else in the country.

          thanks gain.

          1. re: kevin

            As I have mentioned in the past, I was in on Friday a few years ago because it was a friend's last chance before returning to Europe--he had taken lunch there each day since Tuesday and was damned if he'd miss another chance. So I put on my shin guards and we went. Everyone..the "matire d'" for lack of a better term, the waiters..all said "Whatthehell are YOU doing here on Friday. You know what's its like". And that day was an especially egregious example. We moved tables a few times and finally got within striking distance of the one we wanted. By about 3:00 things had calmed down and the rest of the day was just fine. If you want to see a few regulars (some re-living their frat days) and a lot of curious people and a boatload of arrivistes, then Friday is a good day. Think of it as a sociological study. But Tuesday afternoon/Wed/Thursday are my preferred times..Saturday is good, too. Or Friday later on. I like it when the luch crowd filters out and there is usually a wonderful calm before dinner. That's when you can visit with everyone, chat up the waiter, whatever. We have no airs to Per Se type stuff. We're a neighborhood joint with its own quirks.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Sounds great. hopefully i'll get the chance to visit a few time in the course of a week.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                im curious about this table hopping. how exactly does it go down, and what does it gain you?

                1. re: kibbles

                  You just go say hello to people you know, buy them a drink or something, tell them the latest joke if John F hasn't already. Basic stuff. No gain, just socializing. And you can stop by the waiters' tables and jaw with them. Lotsa fun.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

           you mean leaving your table, joining another party and staying there a bit? and your waiter transfers your bill or do you close out first?

                    im actually being sincere here. i thought initially it was just moving to other tables because they were more preferred sitting locations or something.

                    1. re: kibbles

                      Lesse if I can 'splain this. First of all, everyone knows everyone else. There are SO many regulars that there are always folks you know. let's say Mrs X comes in at 5:30, as usual, and sits at table 10 as she always does. A pilgrimage of friends begins.She'll ask if you'll have a drink, you say "sure" or "no, I;ve been here since 2:30." You visit a bit and then leave room for someone else to pop by. (this is how it worked with the late Marion Atkinson) Or you might get up and begin the tour of the room because there are likely to be four or more tables you want to visit. You just leave your table open. And the waiter follows you...there are no "waiter stations." You can order another drink at a friends table and even buy them something on your tab. My rule is that, if I am going to be leaving, just give up my table and close out when I am done bouncing around, which might be an hour later. Usually I leave my place open, though, unless there is a line. I have a standing rule with them that they can ask me to leave a four-top in favor of a two-top(if it is just me or two of us) if they need the larger table to make money. S'ok by me.

                      1. re: hazelhurst

                        This is the life I was born to lead.

                        1. re: kukubura

                          It's a short life but a merry one....