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Jul 12, 2012 07:41 PM

Moderate price steak house in Dallas

I need recommendations for moderate priced steak houses. NOT Pappas Steaks or Golden Corral. I would like a decent steak and cannot afford the big stars of beef.

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  1. Texas Land & Cattle has very decent steaks at very reasonable prices. The location I like at Lemmon and Cole has easy self parking in their own private lot.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I have been there, but I can't ever seem to order anythign but the smoked sirloin. I love it!

    2. I think Kirby's on Greenville is pretty good, too. Of course, you could always do Hillstone/Houston's. They have a couple of good steaks on the menu for <$40 with sides.

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      1. re: hypemnd

        Second both suggestions! Hillstones/Houston's does a great prime rib, too!

      2. As chains go, I've always enjoyed the quality/flavor/value at the 2 or 3 Saltgrass locations I've visited - although, regardless of hour, service at the one in Grapevine is worse that horrible.... consistently. I've complained verbally/written and it seems to fall on deaf ears.

        I grill my own steaks at home, but when going out, I like to order something I won't cook for myself. I generally order the prime rib, med-rare at SG and have never been unhappy.

        Thinking about prime rib, Lawry's on the toll road is superb and has very reasonable lunch prices, but only Mon-Fri.

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        1. re: CocoaNut

          Agree about Saltgrass, and I think it beats Texas Land & Cattle, part of the reason being that the sides are better. TL&C really overbakes their potatoes ... or did when I was still going ;) I used to work near one and had a coworker who liked to eat there.

        2. hands down, charco's broiler. there's one on Jefferson in Oak Cliff and one on Buckner in Pleasant Grove. You can get a steak, loaded baked potato and side salad for under $10. Is it the greatest steak? No. It is, however, the greatest steak meal you will have at that price point. Further, the chop steak (cheap cuts chopped up and blended like a patty), is awesome.

          1. The Keg for a pretty good option for moderately priced steaks. The baseball cut steak is a bargain, if you like them on the rare side. Salads and sides are solid as well.

            +1 for the smoked sirloin at TL&C. Place is always on a wait though.