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Moderate price steak house in Dallas

I need recommendations for moderate priced steak houses. NOT Pappas Steaks or Golden Corral. I would like a decent steak and cannot afford the big stars of beef.

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  1. Texas Land & Cattle has very decent steaks at very reasonable prices. The location I like at Lemmon and Cole has easy self parking in their own private lot.

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      I have been there, but I can't ever seem to order anythign but the smoked sirloin. I love it!

    2. I think Kirby's on Greenville is pretty good, too. Of course, you could always do Hillstone/Houston's. They have a couple of good steaks on the menu for <$40 with sides.

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        Second both suggestions! Hillstones/Houston's does a great prime rib, too!

      2. As chains go, I've always enjoyed the quality/flavor/value at the 2 or 3 Saltgrass locations I've visited - although, regardless of hour, service at the one in Grapevine is worse that horrible.... consistently. I've complained verbally/written and it seems to fall on deaf ears.

        I grill my own steaks at home, but when going out, I like to order something I won't cook for myself. I generally order the prime rib, med-rare at SG and have never been unhappy.

        Thinking about prime rib, Lawry's on the toll road is superb and has very reasonable lunch prices, but only Mon-Fri.

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          Agree about Saltgrass, and I think it beats Texas Land & Cattle, part of the reason being that the sides are better. TL&C really overbakes their potatoes ... or did when I was still going ;) I used to work near one and had a coworker who liked to eat there.

        2. hands down, charco's broiler. there's one on Jefferson in Oak Cliff and one on Buckner in Pleasant Grove. You can get a steak, loaded baked potato and side salad for under $10. Is it the greatest steak? No. It is, however, the greatest steak meal you will have at that price point. Further, the chop steak (cheap cuts chopped up and blended like a patty), is awesome.

          1. The Keg for a pretty good option for moderately priced steaks. The baseball cut steak is a bargain, if you like them on the rare side. Salads and sides are solid as well.

            +1 for the smoked sirloin at TL&C. Place is always on a wait though.

            1. For something with some character I would recommend Dunstin's
              It's been a standard in Dallas for years.

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                Went to Dunston's years ago and it was on the level of Sizzler's. Not good at all. Maybe is got the wrong thing or on an off night?

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                  Did you go to the Harry Hines location or Lovers? I find the that Harry Hines location is better.

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                    I have been to both. HH for lunch only.

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                    I think Dunston's is better than Sizzler's but, not by much. HH is better than Lovers Lane. Btw, LL and HH have different owners.

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                    I met a long-lostt friend at Dunstons (HH) @ a year ago. I think the steak was long lost as well Ordered ribeye, med well. Less than 1/2", overcooked and horrible flavor. Was really disappointed, since it used to be a decent place for a cheap steak.

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                      "used to be" being the key statement here.

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                        Oh crap - can't believe I typed " ordered med well"! lol I've never ordered steak cooked past med-rare.... guess I was fixed on the "med-well" arrival.

                        Whatever, you're correct about the "used to be" assessment. I was really surprised because I keep seeing it's high qualities pop up here.

                  4. Steve Field's is very good.
                    Hofbrau is good and reasonable.

                    1. How far you want to drive?

                      Four Winds in Will's Point is great and very reasonable.

                      1. From the "Solo Dining" post, I looked at the menu from The Ranch. Strictly from pricing, it looks to be a fit for you

                        Note - the Ranch menu highlights their *Dublin* Dr Pepper BBQ sauce on the ribs and brisket. There is no more Dublin Dr Pepper - the independently run Dublin plant was closed last year by corporate Dr Pepper. Sad day in Dublin. :(

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                          Looks perfect! Great recommendation. For anyone!