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Jul 12, 2012 07:05 PM

Birthday help

Hi! I will be celebrating a certain milestone birthday at the beginning of August, and I need suggestions for a nice birthday lunch. If I leave it up to my well-meaning non-chowhound hubby, we will end up at Mandarin! So, any suggestions are appreciated. Unfortunately budget is a concern, and the lunch would be on a Wednesday. Type of cuisine doesn't matter. I am fairly adventurous; hubby is more meat and potatoes. Thanking you in advance!

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  1. Is there a preferred neighbourhood or type of cuisine?

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      No preferred neighbourhood; anywhere in Toronto is fine. Cuisine really doesn't matter; I don't have any strong dislikes; am fairly adventurous and hubby is willing to go along with what I want. I am at a roadblock trying to figure out what I would like as I don't have strong preferences either way so it's hard to decide!