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Jul 12, 2012 06:49 PM

dinner in victoria

will be in victoria over the weekend. have not been for a while. any suggestions on restaurants serving fish. close to inner harbour would help. thanks.

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  1. Lure's been recommended here recently. I haven't dined there myself so I can't vouch for it.

    If you browse around here for few minutes you'll probably find a few more recommendations.

    1. Not very fishy (just octopus app and halibut entree) but I'd sure like to try Ulla...

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        +1....Ulla was amazing when we ate there earlier this year.

      2. vancouver sun food critic, mia stainsby, recently lauded ULLA as best restaurant in vic. very high praise coming especially from MS:

        my musts in vic:

        RED FISH BLUE FISH - a repurposed container sitting on a dock at the foot of broughton street in the inner harbour serving sustainable fish in tacos & fish n chips form. go for the tacones and if the weather permits, their seafood chowder. both outstanding. beware, lines are long during prime meal times.

        not seafood, but not to be missed: EPI FOL - the. best. macarons. of. my. life. not sickeningly sweet like most traditional macarons and not radiating in fluorescent food colouring. all organic, small batch bread & pastries in vic west - a nice walk from downtown across the johnson street bridge.

        have a wonderful time in victoria, jim!