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Jul 12, 2012 06:41 PM

Langer's Pastrami, What's the Secret?

Our OC gang of 7 made the holy pilgrimage last Tu and the pastrami was simply incredible (#1, 10, 19, plain & others), giving the lie to whiners and snivelers on previous threads. When Norm came over to chat and we asked about coming to OC he laughed it off, as we assume he is wont to do.
So, in between pilgrimages any suggestions for imitating Langer's pastrami at home? We have Komodo and Weber grills and several kinds of ovens and smokers. The bread has us puzzled too, nothing we've seen in OC comes close other than perhaps that at the late Tommy Pastrami's. Don't try this at home?

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  1. Haha. Good luck. I applaud your challenge.

    1. My best advice would be to go to Langer's, eat and then buy some bread and pastrami to go and assemble them at home.

      1. He is a very smart every single aspect.
        Love the fact he's where he's at and won't branch out.
        Good luck :).

        1. If you patiently search the Los Angeles Board, someone mentioned a supplier that Langers buy their Pastrami from. Meanwhile, their bread comes from a bakery in Tarzana. Perhaps this will be a good starting point for you to explore.

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              Bread is also baked\toasted a second time to give it that little bit of crust.

            2. You can buy the bread and unsliced ol' lump of pastrami at Langers, drive it home to OC, heat it up and serve it to your guests.

              But good pastrami is complex and great pastrami is a miracle. Expect to be dissappointed.