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Jul 12, 2012 05:12 PM

Roasted Pig - cut-up or served whole?

I ordered a roasted whole 60 pound pig for a party. I ordered it cut up as the guy said it was a lot of work to cut up and I have other stuff to do (prepare sides, mingle with guests,etc). I thought the presentation of the whole pig would be really cool.

Did I make a mistake? Is it that much work for people to pull/cut off pieces?

I will basically be getting the head and trays of the cut up pork as I ordered it now.

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  1. While the whole pig would indeed make for great presentation, I think ordering it cut up was a wise choice. Not everyone will know how to properly cut a piece of pork off a whole pig. It's having a badly butchered pig (no pun intended) versus evenly cut pieces that everyone can just grab and eat. It's also a lot more convenient, especially since you'd be busy doing other things for the party (I assume you're the host). Also, most guests probably don't expect to work to get some food. What may have ended up happening is that only one or two people are doing the cutting for everyone else, which isn't very fun or exactly fair.

    Anyway, hope you have a great party! Roast pork is amazing. :)

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      I can ask the place that is doing it, but do they typically get rid of the bones or hack off pieces of meat/bone? I am wondering if I should have rolls for people to have sandwiches if they want or most of the meat will have bone attached.

    2. My local place reconstructs the pig. His pigs have crispy skins, are roasted . Is your pig cooked pulled pork done or moist roast.

      With pulled pork done I have experienced cave man eating, doesn't work if the pork is meant to be carved/chopped.

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      1. Make sure to enjoy the jowl and cheek meat - some of the best meat in the pig.

        1. Friends of ours do whole pigs regularly- roasted on a spit in their backyard. They serve it whole and butcher it on the spot as it is served. I've never heard anyone mention it being difficult or time consuming or any other complaint at all. The presentation is outstanding.

          You could always try it in the future and see which you prefer.