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Jul 12, 2012 04:37 PM

Hemingway's in Killington. What's up?

15 yrs. ago I dined at Hemingways a few times and loved it. Went to their website and couldn't figure out if Hurricane Irene permanently closed them or not. Can anybody set me straight? Thx 'hounds

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  1. We also dined at Hemingway's about 15 (or more) years ago, and looked for information about the place when we were up that way last fall, shortly after the hurricane. Hemingway's was closed, of course, and there was no indication if/when it would reopen.

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    1. re: CindyJ

      Hemingway's closed several years ago.

      1. re: jackiew

        Yes, hurricane Irene did them in. Very unfortunate as the Killington area lacks high end places (although Birch Ridge Inn is excellent) - and I've dined there since before I knew what great food meant. I believe Chef Ted and his wife paired up with local farms for a concept dining approach although we haven't indulged as of yet. Going back next month and will look them up and report.

    2. As has been said, it is closed. The building is vacant and there is a for sale sign up.