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Jul 12, 2012 02:52 PM

Cermak has opened by Miller park (mke)

I went today. Very crowded with the curious/slow/something new crowd. Lots of elderly (I'm close to that age, I'm going to be there some day, my knees feel like it every morning, please no snark).
However, very quick to check out of, decent produce at cheap prices, very friendly staff, etc.
I hope that the inexpensive produce prices remain. From my quick grab on items, probably 1/3 less than PNS (better quality) , Much less than Sendiks (quality comperable)

Far higher prices on frozen items than you would find at Woodman's.
Cheese selection is better than normal, but not a reason to go. As to be expected, a lot more Mexican based cheeses than I have found elsewhere (I cannot compare to El Rey, I leave that to someone else. I have been to an El Rey only once because it was by American Science and Surplus).

They do their own Quesadillas on site and you can watch. Getting that fresh will have me not pulling out my electric machine any time soon.

Well worth the trip if you are heading to GFS anyway :)

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  1. Thanks for the posting!

    1. Still very crowded. Everyone who has emailed me about going there has meNtioned
      1) crowded
      2) easy and quick to check out of
      3) quicker to drive there from all over milwaukee than trying to check out of a pick-n-save with their reduced staff.