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Jul 12, 2012 12:58 PM

Looking for a place for wedding - 80 people

Hi all,
Ex torontonian coming back to wed her foreigner man looking for a nice restaurant for about 80 people, not expensive but intimate atmosphere and solid menu would be nice. As I've been away from Toronto for many years I'd love some recommendations.
Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Not sure if they can fit 80 exactly, but Le Select is great. Solid food. Great bargain for a group event (starting at $39/person for 3 courses). You can also add a selection of appetizers that the servers walk around with. You can bring your own wine for a very reasonable corkage fee. You could also get their garden for a bit more and the private dining area is sectioned off. The person who does events there is very relaxed and they try to cater to what you like. Good luck!

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Is there a particular type of food you are looking for and what is the exact price range? Downtown Toronto event prices have been climbing so what was considered expensive years ago is now inexpensive. There are still some places that will still work with most budgets and a smaller wedding party.

      I would recommend looking at the Boiler House. It is an intimate atmosphere and their menu is affordable. I think it starts at $50/pp.

      Another option is Adega. I believe their private second floor can accommodate 80. It's a completely different intimate environment compared to Boiler House. It's more fine dining and their food is more refined in my experience.

      Corner House maybe another great choice for you. It is a nice lovely restaurant that is certainly intimate in a great setting. Their menus are also very affordable and starts at $45 last I checked.

      If you're looking more for a modern lounge feel, I would say Brassaii would be another option to look at. It can do a large private room and though they're more expensive, it is a beautiful location.

      1. If you dont mind outside TO we were married in Jordan (ON)@ Cave Springs winery. Intimate wedding venue outside of town but the cave springs restaurant upstairs is a nice private dining / bar area. Excellent food and wine choices, we had 50 guests and was approx $15k (but our friends drink..)

        1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I've ended up booking at stone fire grill on Bathurst st. a little north of steeles. It's a beautiful place and the food is fantastic. Very nice people too. Will post a final review after the event. Thanks!