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Jul 12, 2012 12:52 PM

Le Virtu: Not Living Up to It's Reputation

We had a choice table outside last night, which was delightful. Service
was good, not a problem.

Spurred by memories of fantastic appetizers in the past, consisting of homemade
salumies, cheeses, vegetables, I suggested the $29 mixed appetizer (cold) for our
table of 4. It was mostly meat, everything tasty, but the portion size would have
been mingy even for 2. One grilled artichoke? One small pile of sliced onions
with balsamic vinegar? One small pile of sliced red peppers? One tiny tsp of
sausage spread? A disappointment.

Our pasta entrees were good, but not remarkable. I liked my rabbit ragu; a friend's pistachio
pesto was great, the gnocci very plain, and didn't draw raves from the friend who is a gnocci
lover; my husband's mix of rigatoni and vegetables was pedestrian.

The three tiny glasses of granita that my husband ordered provided a nice ending touch
to the meal; coffees were excellent, but total tab came to $75/couple with a generous tip.
No incentive for us to return--this was not an 'off' night--the menu choices for entrees were
not particularly tempting.

I detected a heavy hand of clever cost-cutting on ingredients at work. Don't misunderstand--
pastas were homemade and lovely, but sauces were not exciting.

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  1. Le Virtu had been on my "should visit" list ,which is already too long, and their removal based on your specific comments is quite helpful actually. "A disappointment, pedestrian, no incentive to return, not particularly tempting, clever cost-cutting" opened their place on the list for others currently receiving more favorable attention. . Thanks very much indeed.

    1. Damn, on my list for next few weeks as well.

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      1. I have been to Le Virtu at least three times - although not within the past few months. I thought it was very good but I never viewed it as outstanding.

          1. re: Holly Moore

            i'd hope that they would take my comments, and those of the friend who was with us as a wake up call. They could turn this around. My friend noted that the service was also perrunctory--no refills on water or coffee, no spicing in the olive oil poured on a plate for our bread dipping.
            She was right--I just didn't notice.

            What Le Virtu used to be was innovative. it wasn't last night.

          2. I wonder if the chef - who is great - was on vacation.
            We have been there many times and always thought it was excellent.
            Sorry to hear this report.