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Jul 12, 2012 12:47 PM

Sunday market shop and then picnic


I'd like to take my wife and baby to a small town not too far from Toronto to buy some great lunch food and then have a picnic somewhere. I am planning this for July 29. Any towns with great market/prepared foods and park areas spring to mind?


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  1. Unionville? Not sure about markets, but the Village Grocer nearby is a great specialty grocer.

    You could also just visit The Don Valley Brickworks. Feels like being in rural Ontario without having to travel far.

    1. Not sure how far you want to go but in Beamsville the Good Earth Wine Co offers movable feasts -

      The website mentions that you can take the basket and eat out in their vineyard. Basket includes a bottle of their wine as well.

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        Similar to Otonabee, I do recommend going to the Niagara Wine Region. Just off the 401 in Port Dalhousie (before Niagara on the Lake) and beside Lake Ontario is a great restaurant called Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine. They are often doing events with the wineries in the region to do picnic lunches at the wineries or have events at the restaurant and they can go exploring at the various wineries. Last year they had a wonderful event where they had a picnic lunch, 4 tasting events at 4 wineries, and then back to the restaurant where you had a full tasting menu for dinner.

        I think you can just call them to just see if they can create a special picnic just for you.