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Jul 12, 2012 12:45 PM

Barcelona lunches

I will be commuting to Barcelona to take a class for the next two weeks and will be having lunch there each day. I know there are many suggestions for tapas but I need suggestions for restaurants that serve meals. I'm looking to spend no more than US20 (having alcohol is not that important to me) but I do like to have either an app or dessert. I like traditional Spanish but am wiling to try more modern takes on the cuisine. I like all proteins but I'm not a big fan of canned seafood, which is why Quimet was just ok for me.

I will be staying about 50 minutes up the coast from Barcelona and will be taking the train daily. So I'll take any suggestions that are close to the train line between Barcelona and Arenys de Mar.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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  1. I assume your train station in Barcelona will be the "Estacion de Francia".

    You will be about 10 minutes from the Barceloneta area with its market and the Plaça with surrounding small restaurant.

    You have to look for "menu del Dia" which is the daily menu for lunch which is by tradition quite cheap, usually 2, 3 courses for around 10-15 euro.

    On the other side you will be near the "El Born" area with tons of small restaurants that should have what you want for lunch.

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      Thanks for tour reply Actually, I'll be getting off at the Plaça de Catalunya for class but am willing to go to any part of the city. A couple years ago I had tapas at El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta and would like to check out that area a bit more. Any particular restaurants that are your faves there?

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      1. Haarison, I checked out La Rita yesterday and it was fantastic!  At the waitress' suggestion I ordered the zucchini tortilla over the  vichyissoise. I was regretting it since I've had tortilla a million times before. But this was the best I've ever had. Next I had a pork stew. Super tender chunks of pork with carrots, peppers and roasted potatoes in a delicious broth.  The house red was also pretty good. Even though there were about 15 people in front of me the wait was only about 10 minutes. 

        I was tempted to just eat here for my next seven lunches but I have to try all of the suggestions. So today I lunched at Morrysom. It was another great suggestion and a great value-an entire carafe of wine was included.

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          Hi again, glad you enjoyed La Rita — one of my favourites.
          If interested in exploring Gràcia here are four more menú del día places you could try:

          Cal Boter, C/Tordera 62. Menú around 10,40€. Excellent food and excellent value. Freshened up traditional Catalan food.

          La Singular at C/Francisco Giner, 50. Menú around 10€. Haven’t visited for a couple of months —but usually excellent value. Small place, only 9 tables. So good, you’ll likely want to re-visit in the evening.

          El Roure at C/ Lluís Antúnez, 7. Better known for its tapas and vermuts they also do a good menú — around 12,50€. On Thursday lunchtimes they do an excellent paella.

          and, possibly, Las Euras, Plaça de la Vila (formerly Rius i Taulet). Menú: 9,50€. More run of the mill, but reliable place — with tables on the square. There are much worse, and much more expensive, ways to spend a lunchtime.
          If you've not visited Gràcia before then this could be a good opportunity to do so. If I had to choose one — I'd choose La Singular and Cal Boter and toss a coin. If I wanted to sit outside in the sunshine I'd go for Las Euras.
          Hope that's useful.

          1. re: Haarlson

            Well, so far you're batting a thousand, so thanks for the additional suggestions.

      2. My find was A Casa Portuguesa. You can google it for more info. It's off the beaten track.