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Jul 12, 2012 11:31 AM

Park Slope recs for Sat night -- with kids

So we lived in PS back in the day, pre-kids. Moved to Boston, amused by the constant snark about the old place... anyway, our ex-nanny has moved to PS and we're visiting the city, so we thought we'd visit her out there, feed her (struggling artist type), see the old neighborhood to see if it's as bad as the press makes it out to be. We're thinking if we try to eat around 5, we won't have such a hard time w/no reservations. So, where should we go? Ex-nanny is a pescetarian. Kids are 6 and 9, so not too uncivilized. When we lived there, we loved Rosewater, Al di La, Chip Shop, Geido, Tom's Diner... I've had a look in the archives and I'm not finding too much. Sounds like we might want to risk Al di La but go super-early (when does it open)? Or Brooklyn Fish Camp? I see Belleville might be OK, but the reviews seem to be mixed. Doesn't seem like Rosewater would be a good option for the kids -- I remember it being a bit small and perhaps awkward for them. In any case, I'd be grateful for recommendations. Willing to go to about $20 an entree for the adults... DH was thinking Blue Ribbon, but I think that's probably too pricey. Thanks!

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  1. Talde, maybe? or Thistle HIll tavern?

    1. Brooklyn Fish Camp is nice. I'm not a huge fan of Bellville, but I only went there once so maybe it deserves another chance. I agree with you on Blue Ribbon. No way you'll get out of there without spending more than your desired price point.

      You may want to consider Juventino. I've never been there, but I've heard good things about it. (disclosure: Though I've been in Brooklyn for two years, I've only been in PS for about 3-4 months).

      Do you think Soigne is too pricey? Entrees are around 20-24.

      Talde and Thistle Hill are nice. Not sure how pescetarian-friendly they are though. There's probably a lot of pork hiding in Talde's menu.

      1. I know I'm late to this thread, but how about Miriam? Not pricy at all, and they have excellent Israeli/ Meditteranean cuisine. (And a killer brunch)

        1. Littleneck in Gowanus/Park Slope -all seafood but if your kids won't eat fish they also have an excellent burger

          1. So Pamlet, where did you wind up going? Your report?