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Jul 12, 2012 11:26 AM

CuisineArt 2012 - Alton, ON

FYI - I just found out about this wonderful event in the beautiful hills of Alton....July 20-22, 2012

Delicious Art, Beautiful Food

Twenty-five Alton Mill artists, 15 area chefs and 11 local producers of wine, beer, cider, lemonade and ginger syrup will be your guides to a delicious weekend of fine art, tastings, demos and cook-offs.

The concept is simple: Watch the chefs in action; watch artists in action. Discover local colour, creativity and flavour!

The Main Stage in the Annex Courtyard will include hourly chef demonstrations, but things really heat up at 2 pm daily when the Eat Local Caledon sponsored cook-offs take place, featuring an entirely local menu before a live audience. Saturday’s match features Philip Dewar from Souylve Caribbean Foods–recently featured on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here, and Owen Vulpe from What’s Cookin’ Catering. On Sunday Gilles Roche of Gourmandissimo catering steps up against Chef Thorntin Macdonald of the Belfountain Inn and Bistro Riviere.

Throughout the Mill's studios and galleries there will be tasting stations full of cool drinks and fresh fare. In addition to the ever popular Toonie Tastings, this year we are introducing a Passport to Taste, which costs $10 and includes 6 tastings.

Cuisine and canvas make a perfect pairing when artist Paul Morin (Studio 215) and chef Owen Vulpe join forces for "Sound, Sight and Appetite," a demonstration of the creative process. Watch as they each create a masterpiece -- one with paint, the other with food. Meanwhile in the Bartlett Gallery, "Art Song" features artist Lynda Clare Grant who will paint to the music of pianist Lou Pinto.

Cuisine-Art Kick-off: Join us Friday July 20 at 5:30 pm in the Annex Courtyard, prior to Humber River Shakespeare Co's presentation of Macbeth. Dinner options from several participating chefs are availalbe for sale; there will be a cash bar and live music. (Theatre tickets are available in advance here.)

I'll be there to check it out. A good friend tells me you can wander about, checking out various chef demos, etc. complete with cocktail in hand.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up... I like when people post about food events as they are easy to get lost in the overwhelming number of things happening in and around Ontario.

    Has anyone been to this specific event in the past? Thinking about going next weekend but if I don't make it definitely will mark it on my calendar as a "keep an eye out for" in the future.

    1. Bump up as it is this weekend... But, also, to ask for particular recommendations? I am leaning towards going on Saturday. If anything else is worth checking out in the area please post :)

      1. I went on Saturday. Really enjoyed it. Not a "ton" of food samples and not a "ton" of drink samples by Toronto standards but I enjoyed everything I tried and loved the atmosphere. I definitely want to explore the area in the future. I was frustrated that I realized I left my camera out of my bag so just had my empty camera bag!

        Hello to the other fellow CHer and fellow judge for the "food" competition. I was lucky to get picked and enjoyed the food from both chef's. I really loved the sample from "Pia's on Broadway" too. It was a bilini (made fresh/to order) topped with lavender cured salmon and avocado ice cream (made with liquid nitrogen on site/in front of you). All samples were $2 each or you could buy a "pass" of 6 items for 10 (3 drink, 3 food). Not sure where the other comments went...

        1. Went Saturday for the 2013 version. A bunch of Improvements including a tent over the cooking demo area, video screens, flat rate sampling,etc. Money goes toward fundraising for pond restoration. Plenty of alcohol options. $30 at the door but was $20 in advance.

          Last day for this year is Sunday.

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            Went today for the first time. Very enjoyable and not too busy.
            A visit to the Cheltenham Badlands is a bonus.