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Jul 12, 2012 11:22 AM

Kosher in Boca Raton

I know of someone planning a visit to Boca next month. What are the kosher options there, both for restaurants as well as groceries and delis?

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  1. Restaurants:
    Meat: Asia Sushi Wok
    Boca Pita Express
    Fran's Chicken Haven
    Girll Time
    Marcus Kosher Chinese
    Orchid Garden
    Sagi Mediterranian Grill

    Euro Fusion
    Jon's Place
    The Gelato Shoppe (both homemade gelato and a dairy restuarant)

    Stores/Bakery/Ice Cream/Other
    Kosher Marketplace
    WInn Dixie (has kosher bakery)
    Yogurt Rendevous
    Popcorn Zone
    Brendy's ice cream
    Mentchies Frozen Yogurt
    Pita Pan( bakery, bourekas, parve salads)

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    1. re: Beaconstreet

      Any reviews on Fran's Chicken Haven????

      1. re: seikoloco

        Was there before pesach, service was slow but chicken was fabulous