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Jul 12, 2012 10:55 AM

helpppppp meeee please its about how to cook chicken

i want to make extra tasty and soft superb chicken on stove. i tried poaching chicken in microvawe and accidently broke the glass bowl. one stupid recipe told me to microwave at high temperature for twelve minutes!! i balndly followed the recipe and now i am soo dead. the chicken did come out nice but still!!i am so dead when my mom finds out. any way back to topic. my house is made of three people. my mom, dad and myself. my dad is not well so he cant eat it. so it me and my mom only...
she wants me to cook it without oil or butter because she just got her galbladder removed and is health conscious to a great degree. cooking for her is tough,she all for proteins but no to sugar n fat.

i am in india and we r a non alchoholic people so tell me some recipe. i have soo gotten bored of the usual indian dishes we cook at home. its either chicken clear soup and chicken curry or biriyani.

i am veryyyyyy desperate please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and how to make simple chicken stock? is it same as chicken soup ?
been having that doubt for a while

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  1. You can still have oil and butter if you've had your gallbladder out. In fact, you have to avoid it BEFORE the surgery when you have the stones, but you can have anything you want afterwards.

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      i know but when i tell her she is like nooooooooooooooooooo. u know what she eats every morning ? bread omelete with the yolk removed always gahhhh!!!! seriously thats why i got bored of omelettes n boiled eggs.

    2. So that I'm clear on exactly what you want to know, is it simply you're wanting to know how to cook good tasting chicken using your stove?

      Do you have an oven?

      What cuts of chicken are you wanting to cook: breasts only, breast and leg meat, leg meat only?

      Do you have an instant-read or probe thermometer?

      1. Chicken stock is not chicken soup, although it is an ingredient in most chicken soups.

        I would guess from your post that you are really young, poster, but I could be wrong.

        Are you the only cook in the family? If so, the first thing you should do is to get a list of from your mom and dad's doctors as to what they absolutely cannot eat, and what they should be eating.
        I'm sure your dad can eat some foods, right? But the list should come from the doctor because some foods and cooking methods are off limits due to medications they might be on, conditions they might have, and so on.

        Once you find out what you they are allowed to eat, find out what you'd all ENJOY eating within the medically safe guidelines, and then it'll be easier for us to help you.

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          hmm yeah i am kinda in the middle am twenty mand my dad is the cook at home. he is such a mother hen who never allows me in the kicthen. and my dad should not eat any food with salt in it. sugar is a big no with them. for my mom had to remove her gallbladder because of stones in it.she almost got her liver spoiled. and my dad he never likes western food. so its just me and my mom here. they are both vegetable fanatics.
          dont have an oven sorry just got a gas stove and a microwave oven. i make cakes once in a while. for my mom will cut my throat out and boil it if i make her fat. she already is kind of. and dad has blood pressure

          1. re: cyrianneamatuer

            Okay, that info helps a lot. :-)

            A couple of really good options on this site might be these two boards, which are more specific to your family's needs than the general "home cooking" one.

            The board for vegetarian/vegan dishes (since both parents are vegetable fanatics) is


            The board for special diets (ideas for low sugar, low salt) is here


            There are some decent recipes on this site as well:


        2. Do you have a non-stick skillet? If you do, use it to cook the chicken. I would pound the chicken pretty thin so it cooks faster, which will minimize the time it spends on the skillet in turn decreasing the likelihood of it burning. Just season first with salt and pepper, make sure your pan is nice and hot, but I would put it on the medium heat setting, then sear each side until it is cooked. You can add veggies to the pan like green peppers and that will add some moisture. Hope this works for you!

          1. I don't know what part of India you're in, but there are plenty of Indian recipes using chicken that you can make. I'm Punjabi, so my food tends to have that influence, but I also cook South Indian style foods, as well as Chinese and Malaysian foods.

            For chicken, you need to use *some* oil to brown the onions and meat. Otherwise it'll be bland if you're not able to brown the onions. Many indians tend to go heavy on the oil and ghee, but if you just use a small amount, you won't have that pool of oil floating on top of the finished dish. You can use a little oil, then fry the onions, and then drain off the leftover oil (if any). You can easily make a simple chicken masala using the breast meat only, which has less fat and calories than the dark thigh and leg meat.

            You could also do a chinese chicken stirfry by sauteeing sliced chicken breast meat in a touch of oil until cooked, then adding in chopped vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green bell peppers (aka capiscums), celery, etc. Add a little soy sauce and chicken stock at the end, and thicken with a bit of corn starch mixed with water. Add white pepper powder and serve with rice, or eat as-is.