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Jul 12, 2012 10:52 AM

Friendly's lobster roll

Just had a lobster roll from Friendly's and it was surprisingly good.
I would not compare it to any of the dedicated lobster shacks or sea food restaurants but it's only 1/4 mile from my office and worth $15.99 I.M.H.O..
Comes with decent fries and cole. There are usually $5-10 off coupons in the newspaper or on the internet.
Anyone else give them a try?
I've also tried the Panera lobster roll which I did not like as much. It was very good bread but all claw meat which is not so tasty. $16.99.
Thanks for letting me share!

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  1. I'm no longer near a Friendly's and our Panera doesn't offer a lobster roll, but I went to a Red Lobster here (in Oregon) in December 2011 and tried a lobster roll that was quite good for somewhere in the range of $15-$18.

    Like the one you tried, it wasn't as good as many others I've tried, but definitely tasty and one of the better entrees I've had at Red Lobster. I believe it was a "lobster salad" type roll, with the mayo mixed in, not a hot buttered one. By the time I went to Red Lobster again, probably five months later, it was no longer on the menu.

    1. You my friend are a far more brave person than myself to trust Friendly's with a lobster roll!! If you don't mind me asking what state or region are you in? I'm in NJ and I haven't heard or seen anything about lobster rolls at Friendly's and there is one only a couple miles from my office.

      I remember a few years ago when traveling to Maine Mc Donalds there had lobster rolls as a part of their regular menu.....I'm wondering if this is a regional thing for Friendly's.

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        We are on the East End of Long Island. Both Panera and Friendly's use frozen portion controlled lobster meat, chunks, not mushed up salad. Looks like all claw and knuckle met to me.
        Plenty of better options available but none so convenient to the office.

      2. As much as I'd love a good lobster roll right now, the Friendly's near my house is not a place I trust. It's too bad, I have very good memories of eating at Friendly's as a kid.

        I might check out Panera though, see if ours has lobster rolls. mmm...