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Jul 12, 2012 10:28 AM

Pierogis in San Antonio?

Does anyone know where I can get REAL, homemade pierogis in San Antonio? I'm living here for the next few years, and gosh....I really need some good polish food. My mom just visited from Pittsburgh and brought me a cooler packed with homemade pierogis, but alas...they will be gone soon. Any ideas? (I'm looking for something actually IN SA, not New Braunfels, etc.). Thanks!

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  1. Hi there.Well, there used to be a polish restaurant in San Antonio, but I think it's long gone.
    You might see if there is a Polish American Society or some polish group that has a festival where they sell them. There aren't many german restaurants around here either, and the one hungarian one in town disappeared. Not even a lot of german ones in New Braunfels either.
    Which is a shame,since there are many of us around here.I'm half hungarian(mom) and half german (dad) and have cousins who are half polish and bohemian,and it is so hard around this area to find restaurants dedicated to our respective cuisines.You would do better in a place like Milwaukee or Buffalo,NY than here. I'm not sure if San Antonio has any catholic parishes around here that are mainly polish.There is St.Joseph's downtown which was the old German parish, but I'm not sure about festivals for any of our parishes around here.
    Both the Felician Sisters and Seraphic Franciscan Sisters who run St.Francis Nursing Home are polish,maybe they do a fund raiser now and then. Panna Maria and Czestachowa and St.Hedwig arre little polish towns and they put things on, but don't know if they sell pierogis.
    Go to the Archdioces of San Antonio website.It lists parishes and would have their addresses, maybe you could write to them.There is also St.Ann's in Kosuicko(maybe spelling it wrong)they do a festival too.It's south of here.