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Jul 12, 2012 10:23 AM

oysters near Souderton, PA

I'm looking for a good place to get oysters-preferably an open raw bar. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'm used to oysters costing around $12-20 a dozen (from FL), but I understand that may not be completely possible (unless there is a special). Anyhow, I traveled to Philadelphia to the oyster house, and I will not go back there because I learned that I do not like that part of Philly and was not too happy with the restaurant (sorry if I hurt your feelings). I am willing to drive a little distance (up to about 45 minutes). I came across Ludwig's Inn and Oyster Bar in Glenmore, PA, which I may try next, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I am in Souderton, PA (Franconia Township). Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you are willing to endure 611, VIlla Barrolo in Warminster has a decent raw bar.. Prices are a bit higher than you might be used to in FL, but that is the east coast. Buck an oyster is usually a happy hour special.

    1. do the oysters have to be raw sokn? R and S Keystone diner in your neck of the woods often has fried oysters and oyster stew.

      1. Hi, and thanks for the replies. To givemecarbs, yes, I'd prefer them to be raw on the half shell. I'm not a big fan of fried oysters.

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          Joseph Ambler Inn in Montgomeryville has raw oysters every Thursday night during their Seafood Night.

        2. Villa Barola is pretty good. However, if you want the best and highest quality oysters you should go to Hellers Seafood market in Warrington at 611 and Bristol Road. This is not a restaurant, it is a full fledged seafood market with the very finest fish and shellfish.

          They will put beautiful oysters on a tray with ice and you can enjoy them at home. You will not find oysters this good in any restaurants in the area. They are beauties!!

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          1. re: Unkle Al

            Good call Unkle Al. Hellers is right across the street from Villa Barola. Do you know if they will shuck the oysters for you, or do they leave that for your enjoyment.

            1. re: cwdonald

              They will shuck and lay them open in ice just like you at le Bernadin. You may need to bring your own tray.

            1. re: food2u

              Thanks for the link. I was not aware of this place. Do they have a raw bar or serve shellfish?

              1. re: cwdonald

                Not sure. Just saw their HH special on Thursdays. Been meaning to try it.