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Jul 12, 2012 10:17 AM

Half-day cooking class (PASTA!) in Bologna/Florence?

Looking for a cooking class (focusing on pasta making) in Bologna or Florence for my husband and I to do in mid-October...preferably one that starts early in the morning and that's done by after lunch time.

We're going to do the Italian Days Food Experience food tour in Bolgona, but really wanted to take a pasta-making class, too.


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  1. this is who we went to for a half day pasta making course (tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelli, gnocchi + sauces). I looked around a lot and found them very reasonable and flexible. Our time was about 10-2, but they would maybe start earlier if you asked. Our group size was 4 and 2 chefs. We learned a lot in a casual, enjoyable, fun atmosphere.

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          Great, thanks so much for the recommendation. Did you actually make the sauces? I looked up the reviews on Chowhound and it seems that some people report making all the pastas (and loving that part of it) ,but were a little disappointed that they didn't make any sauces. Not sure if I'd care....but just curious your thoughts! Thanks :)

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            that was important to be especially a traditional ragu, so I emailed and asked to make sure, which they responded yes. We were able to make ragu, sage & butter, and a pomodoro. All very basic, but good. Of course the ragu could not simmer for as long as it should but still good.

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