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Jul 12, 2012 10:13 AM

Dinner/Drinks Out then Dancing in Harvard Square / Inman Square?

I just moved to Cambridge and have yet to seek out all the great spots for an evening out. My girl friend is coming up next weekend and I was hoping for us to have a fun night out either in Harvard Square or Inman Square. I'm looking to do multiple locations: first stop- dinner and drinks, second stop- casual drinks, third stop- dancing. My friend is more of an American and Italian food fan so nothing too ethnic for this outing please.

Any suggestions on places for any or all of the three stops would be greatly appreciated! (Also if you have any suggestions for must try restaurants in Cambridge for when my picky friend is not around, those are welcome as well!)

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  1. Harvard Square does not have dance venues as far as I know.

    In Inman, there is dancing from time to time at Ryles, but it is ethnic dancing so your friend might object. ;-)

    You will likely want to concentrate on Central - there is a DJ at TT the Bears on weekends - often you can find dancing at the Middle East - there are changing community dance opps at the Greek Social Club next to Green Street. Middlesex Lounge pretty sure has some dancing.

    For clubbing, you will need to go to mainland Boston. Drinking cocktails and sneering at your neighbor's tattoo is generally a more favored social outlet on the Cambridge side of the river.

    Also check out the Phoenix listings for all sorts of dance/club/music info - good resource.

    To keep it food-centric, consider dinner and drinks at Russell House Tavern (Harvard), T over to Cuchi Cuchi for fun drinks and slide over to Middlesex for drinks and dancing and whatnot at the end of the night. I hear there is lots of whatnot at Middlesex. ;)

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      I have seen people both drinking and dancing in that little public area behind the main T entrance in Harvard Square.

    2. I can't speak to the dancing part, but in Inman I'd go to Tupelo for dinner followed by Trina's Starlight Lounge for drinks. In Harvard Sq., the Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square for dinner, then Russell House Tavern for drinks.

      1. I had a ridiculously good time dancing at the Phoenix Landing one night about a month ago. It's a small place, and it was packed, but the vibe was friendly. It's not fancy at all, and different nights have different themes (I went on Reggae night) but it might fit the bill.

        1. The Hong Kong in Harvard Square has dancing upstairs around 10:30. Haven't been, but it's another option for you.

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            There's salsa dancing (with lessons) at 288 Green Street (Central Square)--right next to, or possibly part of, the Green Street Grill. I went once, very nice vibe.

            Here's the link:

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              This is a recurring rental of the Greek-American Political Club, not affiliated with Green Street the restaurant next door in any way.


          2. For dancing, check out the Donkey Show at Oberon, where you can get your disco on. Great fun if you're in the right mood. Also check out schedule of Zuzu, part of the Middle East Restaurant complex in Central Square, which has frequent dance nights; ditto the Middlesex Lounge, closer to MIT.