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Jul 12, 2012 09:48 AM

No Love for Financier

I've had enough and this is the only place I can come to rant about it.

My office, orders from the Stone Street location of Financier nearly every single day, because I have one anal retentive boss who wont' vary his diet beyond that and going to Delmonico if he's eating out in the neighborhood. Since they require a $20 minimum to deliver (!) usually someone else will get lunch to bolster the order - one of the other bosses, or another staff member, whomever. And since they are generous here and pay for said lunch, and being as busy as I am - I have been known to take advantage of the generosity on more than one occasion. However, as of late I've stopped because I get so aggravated with their service, and with having to call them back after the delivery has been made to have things redelivered and corrected.

Each time, I listen to our administrative assistant place the call. She's very specific, because she knows that they nearly always will mess up the order.

Easy things like leaving out the lemon in iced tea. Happens constantly. Who doesn't put lemon in their iced tea? I bet very few people. Believe me - she's saying "Iced Tea WITH Lemon" when she orders. And, they'll barely put ice in it so by the time it arrives, the tea is warm (she also asks for extra ice because of this now). I don't have this problem anywhere else I order from.

We ordered "Popchips". None were available so they substituted regular potato chips without asking. Problem is,. the popchips aren't fried - which is why they were ordered. There are other examples of them making unrequested substitutions too numerous to name.

Soup gets sent over without the bread that is supposed to come with it. Incorrect sandwiches arrive. The leave out utensils and napkins. I don't know about you but I can't eat soup without a spoon. But they sure are happy to give out those little (terrible IMHO) mini cakes; which we throw in the garbage.

They hear things that weren't said - and when you call to ask for the right things, or for refunds you're told that YOU made the mistake which is infuriating especially since a) my assistant is about as on the ball as someone can be and b) I hear her anyway so I know she ordered correctly - she sits right by me.

Today, I got their version of a Ceasar salad. There were 4, count them, 4 croutons in it, and soggy at that. The lettuce, was browning too.

I have complained so many times to them, but it seems to make no impact at all. Recently, the area manager got involved. Promised they were going to go over there and look into the situation and offered me a free lunch. I told him I wasn't looking for free food. How difficult can it be to do these things? I mean, it seems to me that a lot of the mistakes being made are things which are common sense and should be second nature to someone bagging up food day after day.

If this happened every now and then, well, who would care? But it happens all the time. Literally. Several times a week. For years now.

I don't get why people rave about this place. It seems like a tourist trap to me for the most part. I do like their desserts - most are rather fantastic actually. But the food is pre-made off-site, eating there is impossible due to the noise level, and the staff that works there is surly at best.

It's the only one I've been to. Are others any different or is this just the way all of them are?

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  1. Are you talking about Financier Patisserie? That's very unfortunate. I have only gotten cakes (very good) from their Midtown branch and have never encountered any problems.

    1. Financier isn't known for soup, salads, or sandwiches. There are better options in the financial district.

      But for cakes and pastries, Financier is consistently delicious.

      1. Sounds like you should just bring your own lunch for the times you know you will be very busy or go somewhere your prefer when you are not very busy. The fact that your "anal retentive" boss has to order from the same place every day should not dictate what you eat. If you are so dissatisfied with this place, just stop eating there and you will never have to deal with all the mistakes again. I understand your wanting to tell people that this certain location has problems and to warn us about it, but I really don't understand why you continue to order from this place when you know the order will be wrong or subpar.

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          1. re: princeofpork3

            So a free bad and wrong lunch is better than one you pay for that you actually like and can enjoy? Who knew!?

          2. re: ttoommyy

            If she "just stops eating there", that doesn't mean she "will never have to deal with all the mistakes again." When her boss' lunch comes without silverware or is the wrong sandwich, do you actually think the boss is going to call to have the order corrected? Really? Or is it more likely that even though she has not ordered anything, she will be the one to have to fix her boss' order? Just because she doesn't order anything doesn't mean she doesn't have to still deal with the mistakes.

              1. re: sivyaleah

                No where in the op's post did it say the op was the boss' assistant. I did not know that. My mistake.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  Actually I'm the office manager. So, worse. I'm the one to blame if things go wrong and the one who has to clean up the mess and, make it right :P

                  BTW - I've stopped taking advantage of their generosity personally. If they are short of the minimum order, we now order extra canned drinks to keep in the office. This way, I'm not personally aggravated by the food I'm eating at least. Now I just have to be the one to call them back and complain lol.

          3. I have no control over if we order there or not. That, is up to my boss. He's the one that prefers it. I've tried to get him to order elsewhere to no avail.

            The point of the post, was to find out if others have the same problem or, it it's just our office that is having this issue.

            I also said I enjoy their desserts - quite a lot. I have no complaints about those at all and for that matter, have frequently brought their cakes home for special holidays and such.

            And no - a bad free lunch isn't better. But, if it means my boss can't order HIS lunch because he can't meet the $20 minimum for delivery, either me or someone else will order something like a soup and a drink, (the mushroom soup is one of their better items). Is it too much to ask to have enough sense to remember to put the things we need in the bag so I don't have to make them send back their delivery guy a second time to bring us lemon, bread and a spoon? This can't be cost effective for them at all.

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            1. re: sivyaleah

              "Is it too much to ask to have enough sense to remember to put the things we need in the bag so I don't have to make them send back their delivery guy a second time to bring us lemon, bread and a spoon?"

              Of course it is not, but if it keeps happening over and over again, why in the world put yourself through the frustration? Is your boss some kind of ogre that makes you feel like you have to order just so he can meet the $20 minimum?

              1. re: ttoommyy

                Someone in the office has to order to make the $20 minimum. Yes, Sivyaleah can never order from them again, but someone else will. And sounds like Sivyaleah is the one to fix the mistakes because her boss certainly isn't going to do it.

                1. re: Boychucker

                  I did not get that from the original post, but it seems to be the case. My mistake.

              2. re: sivyaleah

                If nobody likes the place but your boss and no body is willing to order form there and he cant meet the $20 then he will have to start ordering from somewhere else. Then you get your wish. Problem solved.

                1. re: princeofpork3

                  As I said in my op, he won't order elsewhere.
                  He's obsessive compulsive - and wants the same thing every single day. I wasn't saying that to be funny. It's true.
                  I know it's crazy :(

                  1. re: sivyaleah

                    If his order does not reach $20 then he cant order from there. What shoice does he have? Either he spends the $20 and you are off the hook or he orders from somewhere else and you are off the hook. Its a win win. Tell him you are on a special diet and cant eat there.

              3. I can appreciate your frustration with the place but to answer your first question, I don't like lemon in my iced tea. Especially all that snapple crap. Give me brewed iced tea with mint please.