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Jul 12, 2012 09:47 AM

Santa Margarita winery tour/tasting in Italy?

Is is possible to do a Santa Margarita winery tour in Italy? I will be there in October. I'm not exactly sure which region I would find that...if any? From what I can tell, there is a Santa Margarita winery in Italy and also in California. Thanks! I am more of a white wine person, so was thinking that one of their tours including tasting the Pinot Grigios, would be a perfect fit for me.


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  1. I think that Santa Margherita is a mass market bulk winery with operations in several regions (Pinot Grigio in the Alto Adige) - you might be better served, if you want to have a winery tour while in Italy, to look for something on a smaller scale and more convenient to your other touring plans. there is a white wine winery thread going on now that you might look at.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      jen, that's actually the thread i started (i think)! too funny. Thanks so much!

      1. re: chattys82

        yes. anyway, I dont think thats the type of operation you are looking to visit, nor is it convenient to your destinations as I remember them.

    2. Please do not visit SM. It is like a factory, not a winery. I agree with jen.

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        I did not want to be impolite, but Santa Margherita is famous more for their marketing than for their wine. They manage to sell heaps of mediocre pinot grigio for an inflated price here in the US.

        1. re: erica

          I dont know if the price is inflated - its one of the more decent jug pinot grigios around and fills that need. Ive had bottles standing in my refrigerator quite recently!

          1. re: erica

            Sm pg retails in the us for around 20 usd. For that price point, it is a terrible wine.

            1. re: vinoroma

              (edited) I think I may need to correct myself, since I may be have mis-remembered the name of the product we actually have bought at our wine shop - which also carries Santa Margherita and which we have drunk.. In any event- I recently saw a Santa Margherita billboard in downtown Brooklyn which surprised me. i would certainly not buy this product at the price you quote when CAVIT and others are available at a fraction of the cost. and for that matter, more distinctive wines like Alois Langeder's can be purchased for say $13 for a fifth..

              1. re: jen kalb

                Second the delicious Lageder--also other Alto Adige PGs from Elena Walch and Tiefenbrunner, ranging from $13-$18.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  i like CAVIT. I also like their premium version- Bottega Vinaia.

                  1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

                    When people go to the Alto Adige, they can do so much better than drinking CAVIT, including Bottega Vinaia. One, and only one example as bob96 said, are Elena Walch's wines, particularly the Lagrein, both the regular bottling and the riservas.

                    Not sure why people drink CAVIT , which is really nothing more than mass produced bottlings, when there are so many others that are made with (exquisite) care. The differences are substantial.

                    1. re: allende

                      just to be clear, Id never suggest drinking it in the Alto Adige but its a serviceable jug in NY at its price point.. I would love it it more of the other bottlings (in addition to the Langeder, and especially lagrein and pinot blanc, were available in NY) there are wonderful wines in this region.

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        For anyone interested: Lageder Pinot Bianco is available in NYC....try Garnet in Manhattan.
                        About $13. a 750 ml bottle.

                        Informative link: