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Jul 12, 2012 09:36 AM

In search of Burrata!! Unfortunately not going to Puglia, but will be in Rome/Florence/Venice/Bologna!

I understand of course that there is nothing like having burrata as fresh as can be where it is made, in Puglia, but unfortunately I can't fit that into my trip in mid-October.

Where are the best places to get burrata in Rome, Florence, Venice and/or Bologna?

Thanks so much!! It's one of my guilty pleasures! :)


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  1. Your best bet is probably Rome, since it's the closest. If you're dining out, Roscioli has wonderful burrata on the menu. For home consumption, I'll defer to others living in Rome for your best shopping options.

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      I did hear it was delicious there. Fantastic, thanks!

    2. Roscioli in Rome - hands down!

      1. You can find burrata in many places in Venice. What to look for are places with fast turnover of the cheese. I would go to Casa Parmigiano on the Campo Bella Viena; near the Rialto market, there is a small cheese kiosk on the corner of Ruga dei Oresi/Ruga de Rialto (open until 1pm), the big deli Rizzo Pane on San Leonardo. Also the supermarket Billa carries a good burrata; look for it in their fresh cheese/deli department and not in the diary case which stocks inferior versions meant for long shelve life..

        1. Roscioli - for dining there and take out as well.

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            Agreed, Roscioli is the best. Interesting to me is how much flavor a few grates of nutmeg add to the dish. The lush, sun-dried tomatoes on the side only add to the choir.

            I buy my burrata there, take it five blocks or so to my rental apartment when I'm in town, scrape on the nutmeg but it's never quite the same. Don't get me wrong, it's damn good but it's just not the same. I have no answer. Double secret Roscioli nutmeg?

            What wine does vinoroma pair with Roscioli's burrata?

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              I love a good franciacorta to balance off the creaminess & fat content of burrata.

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                Me too, for all the same reasons. Any other pairing that appeals to you?

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                  thinking of certain cerasuolos, like pie delle vigne of cataldi madonna (abruzzo).

                  1. re: vinoroma

                    Interesting. Thanks for your insight.

          2. There are a few places that you can get Burrata in Rome:

            I Formaggi di Gianni e Paola This little store specializes in fresh cheeses like mozarella, ricotta and burrata, from Puglia. Vicolo del Gallo 18 Since they are getting shipments in daily, they sometimes run out.

            Volpetti, Via Marmorata, also has daily shipments up from Puglia.


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              The cheese store on vicolo del Gallo is one of my favorite places in Rome. I've never bought the burrata, but the fresh ricotta is great, as is a wonderful yogurt, in glass jars, that they carry.
              Just be aware that they keep very traditional hours, and don't reopen until (I think) about 5pm.